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  1. Hi all I'm getting to the pointy end of a novel that I have written using Storyist and I'm interested in hearing a bit about other people's workflows from this point onwards. By workflow I don't mean the functionality in Storyist, just the general way you work. I'm thinking at this stage (getting close to a final draft) I am going to export to Word as, although it isn't to be trusted, the grammar checker has drawn my attention to mistakes I had previously missed, and I now need to send a copy to a professional editor anyway. When their changes come back I would like to integrate them back into Storyist to keep that as the canonical copy, but if that isn't possible I may need to pass the baton and start considering the Word copy as canonical. This would of course mean generating the eBook version from the Word document which is a bit of a bummer, but more distribution companies seem to have utilities to do this. Anyway, curious to hear how you guys work, Stuart
  2. Hi there I've been playing around today with the standard .doc export from Storyist and massaging it into a form suitable for printing as a pocket book. After many hours of fiddling (with the document I mean), I started to wonder how possible it would be for Storyist to have two exports to .doc file: one in manuscript format, one for print. Given there appears to be a standard for print books, much in the way manuscripts have, I don't imaging it would take much of a configuration interface, possibly just the size of the page. Even if a certain amount of tweaking is still needed in an external application, it would be great to work from a closer starting point. Anyway, curious to know what you think, I may have just missed as easy way of doing this that already exists. Stuart
  3. Hi Steve I'm happy with Storyist just returning to the last edited location, I agree that is the best logic, but unfortunately it isn't what I experience. I just did a quick test then: opened the manuscript, navigated to where I am up to, made some edits, backed out so I could do a sync (is there a reason you need to back right out to sync?), opened a different app, then went back in, selected the manuscript and it jumped to a section about forty pages before the bit I was working on. This means that I then need to open the outline, scroll through all the sections and manually find my place again. Is there any chance this has to do with using a keyboard and Storyist therefore being able to display more of the manuscript on the screen at one time??? Regards, Stuart
  4. Hi again Steve I've not been using version 2 of Storyist for iPad pretty much every day and I've really been loving it. I only go back to the Mac version so for export really. The one thing that has been a bit of a thorn in my workflow is doing a lot of scrolling around to find what I am looking for like the example above. I notice that the same thing happens when I return to the story after closing it down. When I open the manuscript again it almost always opens to somewhere in the middle, but not the place I was last editing. I think open the project browser, expand the manuscript then scroll through about one hundred scenes to find the one I was last working on. If this problem could be fixed I consider the app almost perfect. Thanks again for all your efforts, Stuart
  5. Hi Steve, congrats on version 2! The situation where this occurs is if you type a word that is too large to fit on say line 1, it will be pushed to line 2. If you then insert a space in that word, the part will now fit isn't returned to line 1, it just says on line 2. Hope that makes sense! Stuart
  6. Thanks Steve, another good tip. I'll be sure to put a plug for Storyist in the credits page when this novel gets finished. Stuart
  7. Thanks Steve, that's a good tip, I didn't know you could find it there. Incidentally, I also found that the keyboard has a key combination to pop up the on-screen keyboard so that is actually the quickest way to view it. Stuart
  8. Okay, so this one is definitely the last. For now. When using Storyist on the iPad, the only way I can see my current word count is to turn off the bluetooth keyboard so the on-screen keyboard pops up showing the number. It would be great if there was some other way to see this. Regards, Stuart
  9. One last one. This is actually more of a bug report I guess, but often I get a word that can clearly fit on the line above being pushed to the following line. If I go up, remove the space in front of the word then reinsert it the word stays on the correct line, but that obviously shouldn't need to be done. Regards, Stuart
  10. I tend to use index cards quite a bit on the iPad version of Storyist, in fact more than on the Mac version because I really like the way they are laid out for the whole story and easily scrollable. The one problem I do have though is that if I swap from manuscript mode to index card mode using the icons in the toolbar, it always scrolls to the very first card rather than the card I was just editing. It would be handy if it would open to the card for the section you were just editing as I tend to swap back and forth, checking my notes then doing more writing. Regards, Stuart
  11. I also have this problem. If I select a large body of text using the cursor keys on a bluetooth keyboard, the screen doesn't scroll to follow the bottom edge of the selected area, it stays with the originating spot. If you manually scroll the screen it keeps snapping back to the start of the selected area, not the end which is what you need to be able to see to know where you have selected up to. Regards, Stuart
  12. Just to add my 10 cents worth, I think a feature that warns you when you are editing a version that isn't up-to-date would be a big help. Sometimes I will save a version on the Mac and then forget to hit the refresh button on the iPad so when I go to save I end up with a forked copy. Having Storyist do a comparison and tell you that you need to update before starting to edit would save a lot of heart ache. Thanks, Stuart
  13. Hi there As discussed I think it would be great to have a short cut to navigate from a Section Sheet to the manuscript section that it is linked with. Regards, Stuart
  14. Hi Steve Unfortunately on my smallish laptop spit view doesn't work as well as on my desktop so I'll pop that feature request in. Thanks for your reply, Stuart
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