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  1. Hello! I'm trying to get chapters--and section sheets for them--set up before beginning work on my new novel. I have selected the Manuscript preference to create section sheets automatically, but it doesn't seem to be working. I've attached a screen shot (below) to show what I've done. You'll see that I created 18 manuscript chapters (adding on to the two that are already there by default). But when I did that, no corresponding section groups or sheets were created. Nothing at all was added to Section Sheets. I even slogged through and tried to manually create an outline that would work just like the model that's already in place for chapters 1 and 2--with nicely mirrored subsections in the Manuscript and the Section Sheets sections. But no luck. I can create new folders ("groups") and label them "CHAPTER 3 Notes, CHAPTER 4 Notes," etc., under the Section Sheets area. Then, when I create new sections within those newly created Manuscript chapters, those sections do generate new Section Sheets--but not in the folders for their proper chapters. I was really excited about the auto-formatting possibilities here. The model shown in the default template is exactly what I want--but I need 20 chapters' worth! The instructions in the Storyist Help menu and in this forum seem so clear-cut. It's just that they simply don't seem to be working. Any advice? Thanking you in advance, profusely! -Kim
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