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  1. What about font? When a novel is uploaded to Amazon for kindle....does Storyist change the font, or have a default font it automatically uploads? ..... I noticed Storyist's default font is Courier. If I change the font on storyist to say, Arial...when I upload the book for Kindle, will the final product be Arial? ...or will it change to a font Storyist wants?
  2. OK.so I've been looking all over the 'Net for formatting advice, and like everything....it's clear as mud! The consensus seems to be the following: 11pt Arial Font 1-1/2 spacing .25 indent on the first line of each paragraph The unknowns: Many say to double space after each section Confusing
  3. I noticed the default spacing for sections is double spaced. Is that a convention in the publishing realm, or was there other reasioning? The reason I ask is, if I publish my novel, using Storyist, as an eKindle book...how will the Kindle novel look? Will the linees be double spaced? I thinking back to, and looking at novels I own and they ddon't look double spaced to me. I realize this may be glaringly obvious from a manuscript publishing standpoint, but it's confusing with e-publishing.
  4. I noticed too, that my cards outline view 'lost' a couple Chapter designations while mapping out my novel last night...but after re-starting the app, they reappeared. Phew!!! I'm sure you won't loose anything (he said, hopefully but confident in the developers' know-how) and perhaps it's a bug that will be worked out of the app at some point. BTW...I am new to Dropbox, too....you say it'll only store anything dumped in the free version for 30 days? If you keep re-syncing your novel to DB, will the clock on that new saved version re-start?
  5. Thanks, Steve...that was an excellent video. I wish I saw it earlier before I had to figure it out via trial and error, LOL! I highly recommend folks new to the program view this...it'll save you some time. One question on it, though: I noticed the presenter placed some text right after the # section break....right on the same line as the section break. I wasn't sure the real purpose of that as, wouldn't it show up in the final publication? Or is anything on the line after the # not seen in the final product? That's a pretty important part if someone uses that technique. Can someone also point out why you would want to do this? I'm sure it's painfully obvious but I'm missing the point at the moment. Thanks!
  6. Thank you Maruerite...I Appreciate the quick response! That makes sense to me now and I started my manuscript over again using the above conventions. I noticed that if I use the index cards, it imports the section break automatically: and I did notice I can move sections or chapters around, which is an immense benefit. It was a little funky getting used to the setup, but after realizing the # goes at the end, it started to gel : ) I blocked out my novel with the index cards...and then went into the document and entered 'S1, S2', etc., so I'd remember when I get to those points. A little anal I guess, but after awhile, I'm sure it'll not be necessary and it'll all be second nature. Thanks!!!
  7. Thanks Steve and iStory!!! I was frustrated trying to figure that one out, too....it's really very easy once you know the right sequence to follow. May I suggest this be highlighted in the online manual under Index Cards a little more featured? Steve - This is a fantastic app, BTW! I was using an app called Manuscript, hich was nice; but I am so much more I pressed, and better yet...productive with Storyist. Awesome tool to have in your arsenal!
  8. Apologies if I missed this elsewhere, but... I just purchased Storyist for my iPad and started exploring it a little. I noticed the Novel Template has sample text and formatting: 1. 'Sections' are the paragraphs? 2. Most importantly, I do not understand how the formatting of a # symbol between sections (paragraphs?) translates to when you're uploading to Amazon as a eKindle book.... Will the book have # symbols between paragraphs on the kindle version of the book if I leave them in there like the sample? Will the Kindle book for sale have your last name/title/page number on every page, as demonstrated on the template? I guess I don't understand the difference between the sample novel template as suggested, vs just doing my own formatting in Word. Thanks for any help on this. I guess I'm stuck until I figure this out.
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