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  1. It works fine under Mojave for me.
  2. Would there be any chance that we could get a widget for iOS to display our writing goals, say for the day or even the overall goal? I'm sure not many would use it, but I think personally it would be handy to see how far behind I am to motivate myself to write more
  3. Same here. In fact, after testing Storyist for Mac and iOS during NaNoWriMo last year, I started using Storyist more and more due to how well both apps "just work" together. Glad to see that there's some news on Scrivener for iOS in any case.
  4. I'm trying to update my profile but unfortunately, no matter what browser/OS I'm using, I get a back of foreign characters each time. Is anyone else having this problem?
  5. I've been using the app for a little over a month now and figured I'd register with the forums and become active with other Storyist users as well. My name is Tim, I live in Ohio with my fiance and 2 kids, and I love to write. The trouble is, most of my writing just sits on the computer/iPad and I never really do anything with it. I have a personal blog (www.timdehring.com) which I need to get back into the habit of posting regularly, and I started a website geared towards writers a few months ago (www.writingideal.com). Those are basically my hobby projects which, along with my full-time job and raising a family, take up most of my time. I will admit that for the past 2 years, I was a huge Scrivener user and advocate; it's what I was introduced to and what I started using for my writing. It wasn't until earlier this summer that I discovered Storyist while researching writing apps to recommend to other users. Let me get this out of the way: Storyist, along with the iOS app, have improved my writing in the last 3 months by allowing me to become more mobile with my iPad mini than I could with Scrivener. Yes, there are ways to get the other app to work on my iPad and have it transfer to my computer, but it was messy, and I dislike that in my workflow. With Storyist, I setup the app to sync to a Dropbox folder and I just write without worry. Now, I'm sure I sound like an advertisement and that's not my intention, and it's also not my intention to "put down" Scrivener; both apps work great and in the end, it boils down to user preference. I mean, if my household has a Mac and a PC with no problem, I don't see why us writers can't try out more than one app Getting back on topic a little, I plan to finish my novel, if you will, in early 2014. I have a long way to go but I'm dedicated to getting it done. My workspace currently is a MacBook Air (Late 2010), an iPad mini (16GB), and an iPhone 5 (16GB). As you can tell, I'm pretty mobile and like to write anywhere I can! I look forward to being a regular here and I want to say thanks to Steve for a great suite of apps!
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