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  1. Hi Steve, Thanks for reply. I'm still spending a lot of my time trying to figure this all out and not spending time writing. iPad - successfully set up for one touch sync with Dropbox, and it works fine. Mac - opened the Dropbox folder and open my project and only see the latest version of my script on my iPad, but *not* plot, notebook, etc. I really hate being dependent on Dropbox or being forced to use any other third party service that comes between me and my technology. I would rather use a one touch synch directly between my iPad and Mac via WiFi or Bluetooth, and, as backup via a cable connection. Maybe you have this already but I am not able to find it when I google "storyist sync ipad to mac" or "storyist sync mac" or "storyist sync files between devices" etc. It is quite frustrating. The writing aspect of your software is terrific. I am pulling my hair out with synching between devices. namaste brian
  2. Hi Steve, we just posted at the same time. I went to the link you posted and sure enough it showed Storyist. Then I typed Storyist in the search box on that page and it came up with "No results were found". I tried iTunes on both my Mac and PC and both give the same "No results were found". If you search for "screenplay", Storyist does not show up. Seems odd. Glad the problem with your site was temporary. It was unfortunate, as I was not able to get to the help pages and needed to know how to sync my script on my ipad with my mac. In other words, I could use the more feature rich version of Storyist today... c'est la vie. namaste brian
  3. I just tried the site and it is back up. It was down the entire day. itunes.com and my mac says that Storyist no longer exists on itunes. The itunes "not found" may be regional (as I am in Europe), but I used several US websites to ping Storyist.com today and got nada.
  4. Hey everyone, The storyist website seems to have disappeared and even stranger storyist is no longer found when you search iTunes.... ! Anyone know what's going on? namaste Brian
  5. Oh, almost forgot... it would seem intuitive to be able to copy/paste and CUT/paste using the standard shortcut keys... namaste brian
  6. I just selected a scene in Project and tried to copy/paste. i.e. I tried to clone a scene several times, so I could distribute these cloned scenes a number of times throughout my script and then make changes to each of the cloned copies. There does not seem to be any easy way to do this apart from going into Text Mode and manually copying/pasting scenes, which is quite cumbersome. (Of course, I am used to using outline mode in other programs (e.g. MSWord) where what I want to do is quite normal). Intuitively, I would expect to be able to copy/paste any object in Storyist... This would be a great feature and align intuitively with how many other word processor tools work. Just saying! Brian
  7. bquigley


    Hello, hello, I see that zoom has been discussed in several posts, but there does not seem to be consistent thread on this topic in one place. Feature requests seems to be the best place to garner support from Storyist fans and I hope everyone who agrees will post a "yes, please, really need improved zoom"! I have been using Storyist for over a week and am very happy with it because it allows me to be completely non-linear and linear at the same time. However, one major problem is the tiny fonts used throughout the product, and in particular, in outlines and storyboard. Using the Mac zoom functions causes a major break in creative flow (as noted elsewhere). It would be nice to be able not squint to read the project outline, script outline, and storyboard cards, and not have to constantly zoom in and out using Mac zoom keys. It seems to me that it should be possible to zoom consistently across the entire product and in particular zoom text (and have that size be the default font size for the entire product or project). I hope this is a useful post to attract votes for this acutely needed enhancement. :) Namaste Brian Quigley
  8. Hello, My first post on the forum. Am very, very pleased with Storyist. Except for one major issue... Zoom. I cannot read the text in outline mode and have to keep using my Mac Pro's zoom feature for disabled(!). This is a major inconvenience and really interrupts my writing... Please, please, include zoom on outline. Hopeful, Brion
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