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  1. I was poking around on Amazon.com and found an article on the evergreen topic of planning versus jumping right in. This author describes it as "organic writing" versus "outlining." This page has an intro to the topic with a link to the full article: https://www.createspace.com/en/community/community/resources It also has links to articles on other topics of interest to writers, filmmakers, and musicians. I though the Storyist community might like to take a look. Now get back to writing! Christina
  2. NaNoWriMo is coming up and I have not outlined my novel yet. Do you think I should? Do you outline? Do you know what some famous authors do? I mean, did Hemingway outline and refine before he wrote? I'm thinking of just jumping in and starting to type, or is that a sure method to chaos? But if my novel would be lousy anyway, why should I outline first? What do you think? Whitebow
  3. I read a lot of books that don't seem to have been edited very well, or at all. Do editors have any power any more? (Did they ever?) Do writers have the final say on a manuscript--as in, "I don't care how illogical/poorly written/badly plotted it is! Those words are mine and they're staying!" Is this something that's written into contracts or does it depend on the previous success of the author? (That is, editors can't insist on changes to the work of best-selling authors because the authors think they know best--that's why they sell.) What do you think? Whitebow
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