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  1. Version 2 looks smokin' in the preview! It blows Scrivener out the water. You should definitely give this a push when you're ready. Scrivener upgraded to 1.5 on March 1st and it was a small upgrade. Version 2 of Scrivener won't be ready until late this year (the developer says there is no timescale but later in the year - so that means late in the year). You actually implemented the one thing that I thought was not going to be done by anybody with the work-spaces thing. I have got to touch it. This is going to be great.
  2. Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together, Brighter than a lucky penny, When you're near the rain cloud disappears, dear, And I feel so fine just to know that you are mine. My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, That's how this refrain goes, so come on, join in everybody! Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, Everything that's wonderful is sure to come your way When you're in love to stay. Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together, Brighter than a lucky penny, When you're near the rain cloud disappears, dear, And I feel so fine just to know that you are mine. My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, That's how this refrain goes, so come on, join in everybody! Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, Everything that's wonderful is sure to come your way 'Cause you're in love, you're in love, And love is here to stay! I'll fight anyone who says I knew that without looking it up!
  3. Stephen R. Donaldson's Mordant's Need series: (The Mirror of Her Dreams and A Man Rides Through). Epic fantasy (in only two volumes) at its best. Just finished today. Read it as a recommendation after a huge disappointment in Pullman's Golden Compass debacle. I usually loathe to read series fantasy because it is usually nth books long, big investment of time, and the author is usually 70 something (like Robert Jordan). So two volumes seemed a safe bet. If you like fantasy, pick this up. It is plot, plot, plot.
  4. Oh, it was all IMO in my post. As goes software prioritization, of course, it's his product. It just sounded like he meant to implement every (or most) suggestion. I was mainly curious as to how he decides that, or if he could in that mass of requests. BTW, I too like Bookmarks.
  5. Time for my monthly post... Would it be a helpful idea to maybe have some kind of vote for features or something? Do you have any way to prioritize those? On the one hand some of them seem absolutely trivial to me - like daily word count (just my opinion!). If you start at 3985 words and end the day with 4562 words, I'd say you've done roughly 600 words that day. On the other there seem to be some requests made by some who posted once - 16 months ago, and may not be of any particular interest generally. I can't imagine trying to do all or even most of those requests. But maybe a top 3 (or whatever number) for a version release. I also wouldn't want to see all of those features. That's three pages of requests, what a piece of bloatware that would be!
  6. Since I write fantasy, where one of my standards is "the weirder the better", I have to plan. If I was doing crime drama in New York, I think I would have enough stored, automatic knowledge to wing through a lot of it. I don't live in New York, but I do live on Earth, I think. For instance I just started planning a book last week (I hate this part of the process - blank mind of death leave me be!) and there is a village where everyone is watched by these ephemeral spirit-things. They are called... wait for it... ... Watchers. This was during a sort of brainstorming stage, and I built them into the plot until I got stuck and realized - who or what the crap are these stupid things? So far their inclusion was strictly utilitarian, unconnected, and could have been easily done by any number of other means (I was showing a huge nut in the plot mechanics) . I also had sort of governing body stuck in there called the Judges Council - utterly unconnected to the Watchers. Bad. And being fantasy there is all the world-building. Is there magic, what are the rules? The list goes on forever. I think that after all the planning and thinking, you shouldn't have at your side anymore than a page or two outline like chapter or scene headings like: The Crash, The Break-up, Uncle Paulie Amputates his Own Foot! etc. But before you bring your character into her bedroom you should really have been there before your reader - it should be his first time in there not yours. I don't think it is even something that has to be written down, necessarily. That is, if you take the planning route. If a writer can just start writing and end up with something halfway good, power to ya. Hell, Stephen King did it a couple times. I just hate it when a book reads like someone came up with some shallow cookie-cutter-characters and through them up in the air and recorded what they did without ever having a clue what was coming next or how it would end until they wrote - THE END. They are easy to spot when reading - THEY REALLY SUCK!
  7. How about an Inspector window like they have in Pages? Doesn't need nearly as many functions, but would be good for large scale editing.
  8. I think it was at least a version of your page scrolling problem because the text I had tried to enter last night all showed up when I was finally able to get a 2nd page into view. I had closed Storyist after posting the problem last night, when I tried Steve's first suggestion and was able to get a 2nd page, all the text that I couldn't see the night before was there. So apparently the text existed and was saved, but I couldn't get to it without tweaking the window size. If it happens again I will try the view shift and see what that does. Thoth, As the above indicates, I was at the bottom of the page, and 8 returns was only a guess, I also pounded out loads of gibberish trying to get a further down the document, that was the stuff that showed up after resizing revealed the 2nd page. Steve, Sorry, I forgot some of the info you asked for. I am using the latest of both Storyist and Leopard (and all other upgrades - kind of a habit). Older eMac, 768MB, don't know what else would be relevant.
  9. I thought that would be too weird to be true. I resized the window smaller because I had it stretched 132% which fits my entire window minus dock & menu. Then I pounded the return key at the bottom of the same page as last night. Stubbornly after 8 or so hits it granted my 2nd page. It really seemed reluctant to do so. Once it granted me my second page switching between Normal view and Page Layout made no difference favorably or not as regards the 2nd page. There is Storyist related info in the Console! Here it is below. Seems relevant. I guess. 4/24/08 3:45:21 AM Storyist[429] View <STRolloverTextView: 0x8b5b460> Frame = {{90.00, 55.00}, {422.00, 14.00}}, Bounds = {{0.00, 0.00}, {422.00, 14.00}} Horizontally resizable: NO, Vertically resizable: NO MinSize = {0.00, 4431940058729446494995218432.00}, MaxSize = {0.00, 0.00} has 6 views pointing at it that can't be found. 4/24/08 3:45:21 AM Storyist[429] View <STRolloverTextView: 0x8b5f9f0> Frame = {{90.00, 55.00}, {422.00, 14.00}}, Bounds = {{0.00, 0.00}, {422.00, 14.00}} Horizontally resizable: NO, Vertically resizable: NO MinSize = {0.00, 4431940058729446494995218432.00}, MaxSize = {0.00, 0.00} has 5 views pointing at it that can't be found. 4/24/08 4:39:11 AM com.apple.launchd[69] (com.apple.PubSub.Agent) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds It's almost cute it doesn't like to give me 2nd page... little minx... Thanks for looking under her hood, guys! Thoyd
  10. So, I am starting to takes notes for a new book of mine. I use the Notebook (this is actually my first foray officially writing a full project in Storyist) for the beginning bashing out (who is this? where the hell am I going, oops I'm stuck etc.), and then misc. and scrapes research et. all. I write voluminously about my project before I start, and I mean a lot. A single entry can scroll for dozens of pages. Question is this. I got to the bottom of the first page of my first Notebook entry and it would not let me go any further. Is this supposed to be? Do I need to make a new Notebook entry for every page of notes that I may have? If this is so, I realize that I could use Notebook Groups, which I will use anyway. But this will still be very huge project pane before I even write "It was a dark and stormy night...", also I have to pause to title each new entry or it will sprawl into identically named entries. I could also just do the heavy note load in a journal program or word processor. And Spaces makes this quite easy to do, I would just rather not separate the team. Not even dreaming of giving up Storyist. It's not Steve's fault I write more notes than novel!
  11. Wow, that was one bad-ass obscure movie quote. How did you pull that one up?
  12. That would be an interesting topic for discussion. For myself I think that music is so personal that you could get two people who have seemingly identical personalities (as far as one would be able to observe) and you would still end up with completely different lists. Conversely, I think you could get two people who seem to be opposites and get very similar lists. In a general sense I think it comes down to one's general emotional outlook on life. A generally sad "broken-hearted-universe" type will probably listen to music that emotionally supports that outlook (like sad country ballads). And so on. I haven't given this a great deal of thought (although I should), so it stands as a hunch. Bob Seger represents a type of singer that I like - throaty, raspy, but singing from the gut. As far as the band, I like some of their songs, but nothing stands out except for a live song he did with Bo Diddley, I can't remember the name, but it was a song about Bo Diddley!
  13. Here's my contribution. AC/DC - Back in Black (It's actually my feel good song.) Rachmoninoff - Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Cream - Sunshine of Your Love Howlin' Wolf - Back Door Man Dan Baird - Julie and Lucky (shows you what a Telecaster can do) John Williams - All the Star Wars music (Come on! I was 7 when the movie came out!) Thoyd Loki - I'm Your Pervert (ya, that's me, I make totally inappropriate songs for laughs. You should hear my Earl Grits songs) Tcaikovsky - Swan Lake Louie Armstrong - I ain't Gonna Give Nobody/None of This Jelly Roll Mountain - Mississippi Queen Ike and Tina Turner - Nutbush City Limits
  14. I'm running Leopard on an old G4 e-Mac with 768MB of mem, and I am having no problems. That is, after I fixed the initial install which had a couple of annoyances. I did an upgrade install, and after that it would not put itself asleep anymore, and GarageBand would freeze up every time I tried to add a real instrument track to a project. That was just to name 2. So after many hours of backing stuff up and recording vitals and all of that I wiped the drive with a clean install. Now everything works fine. I used to know how to entirely wipe any trace of a program from Windows (it is a matter of binary survival if you install apps from the web onto a Windows "hooker with her legs spread" security) but I never had the necessity to do it in Apple, and it seems to be quite different. I am most certain that it was a program (or piece of program) that was causing the trouble. Maybe that helps. Maybe not.
  15. Never-mind, I solved it. I don't know where the Template folder is, but I just opened the file and then saved it as template. If I do tweak it, I'll offer it as an an alternate.
  16. Hey thanks! One question though. I have no such folder as you describe above. That path ends at /Storyist . In there is a single file that is the license. I'll create a folder with that name and drop it in there - see what happens. I predict nothing, but worth a try. Thanks again!
  17. Is there anyway to work with both templates in the same project? I am guessing not, or at least not an obvious one. I like to use the Novel and Hero Adventure structures to get a sort of multi-perspective on my stories. Would there be a way to copy all the folder files of the Hero Adventure and paste them as a subfolder within the Notebook. Or some other sort of thing that isn't leaping out at me. I know I could start a Hero Adventure and then add chapters and sections under the categories, but I only loosely follow the Hero Adventure. More of a reference than anything else. Thanks if anyone has ideas! Thoyd
  18. I got mine on Friday and been around the blocks with it many times already. I haven't hit a snag yet. I had hoped though (and maybe I don't understand how virtual desktops work) that I would be able to use Spaces to have several (or a dozen) instances of Storyist up at once so I could simultaneously work on many different areas of a work at once. I could be working on the outline of several chapters, and changing elements in a snap. I could have Storyist open in desktop 1 with a Safari page open on Byzantine architecture and taking notes, and have in desktop 2 Storyist with iCal to plan out when I am going to have time in the week to write each section - or whatever combination of scenarios. It was just an idea, I don't really know if that would be any easier than just using a single instance of the program since I haven't been able to test it. Although I think my second example would be handy. I think I can see where this would not be feasible, but I'm no computer tech.
  19. Eddings, The Redemption of Althalus (Recommended by a friend, jacket looked interesting - went for it.) Piers Anthony, The Color of Her Panties (A fantasy novel with that title? I have to find out why.) Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant (Mr. Pratchett writes some of the wittiest books out there. Always goofy, entertaining, out of this world while throwing spit-balls at ours. Anyone who has read Hogfather knows what I mean.) In November: Terry Goodkind, Confessor (I spent I don't know how long last summer going through his gigantic series. I really liked them for the most part. This is the closer. I mean, who reads 10 books in a series but not the last one?) Will Durant, The Story of Civilization (This is eleven volumes of world history. I've been on it forever. The whole thing was for $50, and what writer couldn't benefit boning up on history?) I mostly read fantasy and science fiction, some horror. Older literature if I need something to sink my teeth into. I refuse to read modern "literature". What I've tried is as stale as yesterday's bath water, badly written, or about such inconceivably boring subjects as to cause me to slip into a coma at page one.
  20. Thoyd Loki


    Stein on Writing - by Sol Stein / Very practical advice from a veteran editor. He also uses John Grisham several times as examples of bad writing. Structuring Your Novel - Robert C. Meredith and John D. Fitzgerald / This one covers the gamut on every conceivable part of the writing process. It's bad side is there are a dozen or more principles in every chapter, very hard to hold down. Also the example books that you are supposed to read are very boring (IMHO). Steinbeck's The Pearl and Grapes of Wrath are two. The Art of Fiction - Ayn Rand / Condensed book version of workshops. Very easy to understand, and covers the fundamentals fundamentally. Writing and Thinking - Norman Foerster and J.M. Steadman, Jr / Not a book on creative writing per se. It is from 1923 and teaches writing (and grammar) from the viewpoint that writing is the product of thinking.
  21. I just bought this program after trying it out for a bit. I have probably tried more than two dozen for both PC and Mac platforms. Judging from all of the features (and limitations) of all the programs I have tried, I would say this is a reasonably priced medium-tier application. It is the same price as Dramatica's Writer's Dream Kit without all articifial "theory of story" they try to shove you in. It is $210 less than Dramatica Pro. It is more than a $100 cheaper than Write-Brain's Power Structure (which is, laughably, word processor free), and half the price of their Power Writer (that has less structural features than Power Structure, does have word processor functions, but is not available for the Mac!). This program reminds of a very clean product I used when I slummed on PC's - WriteItNow. It had the same left side tree view, but it had none of the linkable functionality nor templates. Scrivener I've used and found it not only cluttered, but like they were trying to be all things. I can lose it all by myself on paper without their help. Avenir I own, and I find to be totally unintuitive, and greatly lacking in visual representation for story planning. It also sports one of the worst manuals in the universe. Hell, I would have paid this price merely for the header formatting! I hate having to figure that out!
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