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  1. hello marguerite, thank you for the template link - thats what I was looking for! and in that way I can also "hide" my unused scenes. best thomas
  2. hello, many years I was working with the old 3x5 software to outline my stories but since I updated to leopard it wont run anymore. now I am happy that I found the storyist software for outlining and writing my filmscripts. it is really good and has a lot of great features. after starting to write a new script with storyist I have some ideas to improve this software. 1. Step Cards - like the chapter cards in the novel mode but without viewing the titel of the steps in the script - editable index cards which includes scene cards - for a overall view of the story 2. creativeNotebook - different possibilities of viewing notebook entries in storyboard mode - as index cards, as photos and as textpages (like title page) - with different size options (big cards for important notes, small for less important once...) 3. NoteDragging - Drag note cards to script makes auto link (past a small (resizable icon of the card or photo on the script page) 4. "insert new note" - drop-down menu to insert new notes into the script (and automatically creates new note in notebook) 5. Omiting Scenes 6. Auto numbering Cards greetings from vienna/europe thomas ps: I apologize for my bad english - I hope you understand my ideas
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