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  1. Hi Steve, I posted my problems with this in another section (sorry about that). I am getting this same issue. I am running Leopard 10.5.8 (but experienced the problem in 10.5.7. It's real annoying, i.e. i am cutting and pasting into Pages .... Ahhhhh - apologies ! Default page size is US Legal I will send you the image Steve as I cannot work out how to upload the image here ! j.
  2. Hello All ! OK, excited by the latest version, so here is my problem(s) 1) Screen play template - Text stops about two thirds of the way down a page. i.e. I have about 3 inches of blank space at the bottom of every, did I say every?, yes every page. 2) If you import anything or open anything - you must have an extension on the file ..... LOVE the dual page view - Thanks Steve !
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    Wish List

    Hey Steakpirate, Like your ideas. For me, there are simply things that would make my life infinitely easier to be creative in. I am not so interested in comparing old revisions with new revisions (although I can see the reasons why that would be useful) but when I am working on a script/story I am often jumping in and out at different points, or I am developing a particular character and go back to the story later. This generates a lot of 'notes' and it is useful to examine these notes against the script when developing the actual scene of the script. So for me I want to reference [view] different notes while making changes to another note - and inevitably - make changes to both sets of notes - without switching between the two which disrupts workflow. Currently, I have textedit (or Word) and Storyist open at the same time so I can review two notes at the same time cutting and pasting into and out of Storyist. Crazy I know. This is separate to having columns in a 'script' because then I want to making shooting or staging notes against the script which I can discuss with the crew. This would be a very cool feature for me. oh, and I remember a time when we were all coding in 6502. cool beans dude jeremy.
  4. Firstly, the majority of my work is script writing for film and tv. So this is where my knowledge centre lies. I sometimes write for Stage and like most writers I have that novel stuffed under my mattress somewhere. For me, Storyist is about work-flow, and the work-flow of ideas, unlike, say, Final Draft, which has been specifically created for formatting scripts. Storyist more closely mimics my work-flow which is why i think i am finding it useful ! FYI, When using Storyist I always start (anything) by making notes in the NOTEBOOK section first and then progress/transfer it to the SCRIPT section. The notes are a mishmash of chaos that slowly get structured into order. Here is my wish list -------------------- 1. Images to be placed on notebooks in the storyboard (ala Characters and Settings) At first I thought this to be a gimmick but it has actually been a very useful tool, especially since I normally work with a lot of notes first - having a visual reference (ala Characters) is a good way to stimulate thought and sort through the notes quickly. So I would like to change the picture of the notebook to an imagine of my choice. It has also been useful for when I have shown work-in-progress to other people. 2. TWO pages VIEW : side-by-side. (For me the single most important/useful feature) I would like a view where I can see TWO pages side by side. However the two pages are from different (or the same) section. So for example two different notes side-by-side. For example, the ability to have the Script and a Character side-by-side. This is so that I can refer back to the story or notes I have made, remember stuff, and adjust other notes accordingly. Obviously each page would need to be independent from each other as I would need to make revisions to either of them at any time. This is also useful for when I wish to create a note on, say, lighting cues, for a stage play, or for when I wish to make Directors notes, etc. So for example, I would have the SCRIPT on the LEFT hand side and my DIRECTORS NOTES on the RIGHT hand side. As I scroll down through the script I would be making notes on the right hand side. This could also be done (and might be more useful) if there was a column view for the SCRIPT. A single page split with the actual script in the left hand side and notes in the right hand column. I could then print this out and give it to the appropriate people (e.g. lighting tech). hmm, so this is actually two new features. 3. SCENE SHEETS Freely move scene sheets anywhere in the storyboard. Think of the finder in Mac OS, scene sheets could be allowed to overlap etc. Or, it would be great if it actually behaved like a real corkboard ! You could 'pin' the notes anywhere. 4. Ability to change the background of the Storyboard :-) 5. Someone mentioned dragging and dropping notes into the Script. This sounded pretty useful, as I often start writing parts of the script in the notes and then move it into the script or character or setting sections 6. Page # of # at the bottom for every note in every section. 7. Export ePub, er, ok, yeah I'm a bit of a geek too. I currently print to pdf and use MobileFiles to download it to the iPhone/iPod so that I can read it on the go. I make notes in my [paper]notebook and then transfer later using Storyist. I find the iPhone/iPod surprisingly OK to read from. It is too slow to type from. jeremy.
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