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  1. If I select all of a manuscript to try to paste it in another document editor, the Copy command never pops on and I'm sitting there with highlighted text but no ability to copy it elsewhere. (could this be an issue withe the ipad clipboard not accommodating a large text file?) If I try to "open in" another application, say Evernote, or Docs to Go, I can't "Select all" from one of those into a Pages file. Here's my ultimate issue. I'f I can't move (by selecting and dragging or selecting and cutting and pasting) blocks of text within Storyist, I want to do it in Pages. I want to be able to get a document out of Storyist in its entirety, and work on it in Pages. I cannot export it and I cannot cut and paste it. Am I doing something wrong or is my manuscript stuck inside Storyist?
  2. I'm having difficulty editing and exporting, and am wondering if I can do these things at all. I am trying to cut and paste and move around blocks of text within a Storyist text file.and I can't seem to do this - as I can do with all other word processors. I would also like to export the text in the manuscript to another word processor as rtf. I find that no matter how which pathway I try I cant get a file or even a "select all" block of text to copy into, for example Pages. I can' t find any clear reference in the documentation. Please help. Thx.
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