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  1. Steve, So when V2 is up and ready for us to download/upgrade (if we purchased after October 2008, right?), will we get an email letting us know, or should we check the website for an announcement? --Gina--
  2. STEVE!!! OMG!!! Nice work!!! I hesitate to use ALL CAPS for fear of sounding as if I am shouting, but...LOVE IT!!!!!! OK, you are planning on doing some big marketing with this I hope, this is huge and will thrill so many people, they just need to know about it. Holy Mackerel, I am excited... Thanks for being so nice about my prod for screenshots. ;-) --Gina--
  3. Hi there, any updates on the release date for V2 and the screenshot views of Full Screen mode and Collage mode? I bought Storyist last month, anticipating these new changes which are very important to my project, but am wondering that if V2 is not available quite yet due to due diligence and fine tuning, could we please see some of the V2 screenshots in the meantime? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks, Gina
  4. Thanks for your reply, and for taking the time to ensure everything is stable. While we're all eager to jump in with V2, ultimately it's best to get it when it's truly ready for prime time. So thanks for your hard word (and thanks to the Beta team as well!) --Gina--
  5. Hey Steve, I am loving Storyist, and I was wondering when's the big day for V2? I am having a slight issue with typing and not having the characters show up for a loooong time (happens when I highlight and try to delete to type over the highlight as well), so I was thinking perhaps I should just buy the new V2 fresh as a daisy, rather than try to buy this version and upgrade/convert my license? Would that help? I have a brand new MacBook Pro, Mac OS X Version 10.5.6, if that helps diagnose the issue (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Memory) Thanks, can hardly wait for V2 ....or some screenshots of the notes/annotations feature and the Collage Mode! --Gina--
  6. Hey there, just using the trial now but my days are slipping away and it's about time to open the wallet and buy. Should I wait until Version 2, or will there be an easy way to update to Version 2? I read somewhere else that anyone who has bought since October 2008 will get a free upgrade to Version 2, is this right? Also, Steve could we see a peek of the Collage mode? I am super visual and this is the main reason I like Storyist over the competition. do you have a screenshot we could see, and can you control the image size within the program (shrink or expand it as necessary?)? And how will the new Annotations work? The ability to add notes/annotations (or margin notes) to the text is critical to me, I would love to see how you are doing this before I purchase. Could we see a screenshot, please? Dying to get a peek at Version 2 beyond what you've posted on the Sneak Peek page on the Storyist website. So when will Version 2 be available for purchase? Hope everything went well at the convention and that you were a big hit! --Gina--
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