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  1. I'm running OS 10.9.2 on my Mac and IOS 7.1 on my iPad. My Storyist projects seem to be working fine on my iPad and I am syncing them in a Storyist Dropbox folder. PROBLEM: When I try to open them up on my Mac I get nothing. Nothing shows up, but sometimes I get a project window with the toolbar at the top and nothing but white in the workspace itself. A similar thing occurs if I try to open up the preferences. No window shows up. I haven't had a problem with these Projects until just recently. I've tried copying the project files on dropbox, I've copied them to my desktop and I've tried re-uploading them from my iPad. Same result every time. If I create a new project from scratch then that shows up just fine, until I save it. But when I try to open it it shows its open (under the window drop down menu) but I have to minimize it in the window drop down menu and than select it in the menu for it to become visible. Is it a Mavericks thing? I've also deleted Storyist and supporting files on my Mac and re-installed it. No change! Initially, it seems like a file error, but why would the preference window behave that way as well? Any thoughts are appreciated. Brad
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