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  1. Sounds great, Steve! Looking forward to the second edition!
  2. Ah, thanks, Marugerite. Thet trick was good ol' drag'n'drop! I copied and tried to paste the image. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.
  3. I'd like to add the oh so simple feature: inserting an IMAGE in the CHARACTER section! For heaven's sake, you can insert images in good old File Maker, why not in Storyist? It's ideal to have an image of your character in place, whether it's something you've drawn yourself or downloaded from the net somewhere. Come on, Steve, this is such an obvious feature I'm surprised it's not here already.
  4. Crowded? Depends on how big your screen is. ;-) Yeah, all I'm asking for is a reasonable simple way to get the info, from a menu or whatever. And yeah, sure, the graphic presentation of the story should be optional, of course.
  5. And thanks Isaac. How could I forget you? Yeah, it sounds too much. What I'm looking for is a graphic overview of the story, linked to the chapters and most imporant characters. It's not the least complicated. I've done such a graph for good old Acrobat Reader, where I use the yellow Post It notes to build up the story. It simply struck me it would be cool to be able to link those notes directly to my writing software. And then I stumbled upon Storyist, where a graph like that would be ideal.
  6. Thanks, Thoth and Marguerite. Here's hoping for the character count feature. As for the graphic presentation of the plot, I was more thinking of having an image like this implemented: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_8grd-xuWyDo/RynU...0/StoryArc1.gif And you should be able to link the chapters or notes to this story arc, reaching them by clicking. You should also be able to shift the chapters or notes around directly from the graphic view. Of course, you should also be able to change the graphic view, adding highlights or lowpoints, cliffhangers, resolutions etc. It's not meant to be static.
  7. Cheers, all. I'm totally new to Storyist, but I'm slowly warming to it. Still using it in Demo mode, but that will hopefully change. I've already mentioned to Steve that it would be very useful with character count (with and without spaces) to complement the present word count. In many countries, at least in Europe, the length of an article or book is based on the amount of characters (letters), and not words. Another thing that just struck me is the possibility of pasting images into the Manuscript section. I'm writing something that needs mathematical tablets, and I use to paste them as images into the Word document. I think that is a neat way to save stuff in the text file, and I'd hope to see it implemented in a future release of Storyist. The possibility to add sound and video is coming in the next update, I hear, which is good news. Finally: how about a real graphic presentation of the chapters or plots? Like an image where you could see the whole arc of one's story in a graphic presentation, with its highs and lows. Would be perfect for the hero structure, but also for all other stories. Looking forward to reading your comments.
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