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  1. One more question, Marguerite. What would you suggest is the best method of getting this (for me) user friendly format transformed into the novel manuscript format? Export as rtf, then import somehow?
  2. Thanks so much, Marguerite! I bet you've had to share these details about a dozen times. Thanks for being patient with me.
  3. So, Marguerite, if I were to take what I currently have in Storyist (Times New Roman, 24 pt, body text, plus Helvetica chapter titles, etc.) how would I convert that into the "Novel" format one can choose when starting a new project? The title of the chapter tends to take on the body text format and not be centered, for example. And is the Novel format written in stone so far as the font is concerned? Thanks so much for helping this newbie.
  4. Thanks, Steve. The apparent complexity of the automator kind of scared me off, but I will give it a try. I'm guessing I'll need to have the upper right hand author and page number info in the original layout?
  5. Hi - I just purchased Storyist after encountering problems with Jer's Novel Writer which could not be addressed since it hasn't been supported for over a decade! Here's my current dilemma: In JNW, one could write in a layout window quite different in style from the eventual manuscript format. For example, you could write using large text for easier viewing, etc, but then print that same text so it appeared in a manuscript form suitable for sending to an agent. Is anything like this possible in Storyist? Must I do my writing in the manuscript format? Or can I write in a format better suited to my eyesight, etc. then either print in manuscript format or perhaps export rtf and import that rtf into the "novel" layout style? Nothing I've tried so far seems to work. Thanks!
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