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  1. The only work around I've managed so far is to save iThoughts files as webpages to Dropbox, and then put them in my public folder, and then use weblink that Dropbox provides as a weblink in Storyist. Pretty clunky...and it leaves my maps sitting online in my public folder, But then I can't imagine anyone will ever be interested in them but me anyway.
  2. You star! I doubt I would ever have figured it out... I am off now to explore the possibilities of the 'Notebook'. I'm hoping to figure out ways of integrating 'Evernote, Day One, Dolphin and iThoughts' with Storyist. I seem to end up with notes and bits of novel all over the place, and I dream of an integrated solution. Many thanks again!
  3. Hello, I've spent an hour now trying to get my iPad to recreate the view I see at the top of the iOS instructions I've pasted in below. What I want to achieve is to have the view whereby my cards are running down the side of the 'Project' view, and my manuscript is showing in the pane on the right. I cannot for the life of me work out why I can't get it to change from 'Project' view to anything else. I have tried it with files I 'synched' via Dropbox from my Mac version, and I've tried it with the 'Novel Template', and still no joy. I appreciate this is probably the dumbest question ever asked in the history of help forums, but any advice will be gratefully received! http://update.storyist.com/downloads/Storyist-for-iOS.pdf
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