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  1. Just thought I'd add another vote fore having this feature returned to version 3
  2. Let me start off by saying that I really love how Storyist is available on both the Mac and iOS. I have both and it makes working on-the-go real easy. The one thing that I would love to be able to do is actually do some of the planning work on my iOS devices (more specifically the iPhone). Unfortunately the index card view (of scenes in the manuscript as well as of the section sheets) is not very helpful with planning. Especially since I'm using my iPhone (as opposed to an iPad) most of the time; there's not enough room to show any more than the first three words of an index card title. Also it's not quick to add new index cards; you need to first go into the "Edit" mode, then click the "+" icon before you can start typing. It's near impossible to do a quick brain dump of scenes as they come to mind. If there was a way to view the scenes or sheets as outline view instead of index cards, that would be great!
  3. Hi, It was previously mentioned that Storyist for Mac support OPML (http://storyist.invisionzone.com/index.php/topic/2156-opml-support-file-handling-foreign-languages/). I can't seem to find how to do this though. I tried using the "Import..." feature, but it doesn't allow me to select an OPML file. I'm currently still on Storyist 2.4.6 though, if that makes a difference. And if Storyist does support OPML import, can I import my outline as Section Sheets? (I'm guessing it's a no) The reason for the second question is because of the situation below: Let me explain my current workflow, hopefully someone can point me to a more effective/efficient way of doing this. When I start a new project I create section sheets first, then attach them to blank sections in the manuscript. This is so the manuscript sections would be auto-filled with the title and summaries in the section sheets. I want the section sheets and the sections to be linked so when information in one is changed the other would change as well. I've tried creating the section first (with title and summary) then attaching a blank section sheet, but the information on the blank section would overwrite the manuscript section. What I would really like is, as I create new sections, section sheets are created automatically (or even the other way round, with section sheets created first would be fine). Hope someone can help!
  4. I also would like to know whether this option available for Yosemite?
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