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  1. Progress toward your daily goal is great. Scrivener has that per section, and you get a bar that tells you graphically how close you are. I find that more intuitive that a number. I want to know I'm getting closer, not necessarily how many words I have left to go. Somehow that's easier on my psyche . Steven
  2. Fantastic! That's an aggressive schedule. I'll be getting Leopard tomorrow at my Apple store, I have a feeling an order will be coming to you before the end of the weekend. Cheers, Steven
  3. Thanks for the answers, if 1.3.3 fixes those things I'll definitely purchase the program. Menu Master is only $10 so that should be an OK fix until you get shortcuts working. Just as a curiosity, what do you use to develop the program?, and what's the schedule for 1.3.3. A broad guess should be fine. I would like to use the program to finish some scripts and essays I'm currently working on. Best regards, Steven Quinones-Colon
  4. Hi, I like your program a lot. I currently own Scrivener, which is a very good program with lots of flaws. I believe your program just about fixes every problem I have with Scrivener. Save for one. Keyboard shortcut support. First I want to say that I want to be able to edit my keyboard shortcuts to any of the features of the program so I can have my own. I want to work the way I want to work. I should be able to. Second is navigation through shortcuts. My biggest problem right now is I can't get to the projects pane with a shortcut. I can create a chapter or section with a shortcut, which is good, but if I'm editing the text in the manuscript, there is no way for me to get back to the project pane so I can select another chapter or section. I hate using the mouse, so I want to be able to get anywhere in the program without touching the mouse. Another annoyance is, if I've selected a section or a chapter and I hit tab, I expect my cursor to jump to the beginning or end of that section's body text. Right now, the cursor jumps to the beginning of the manuscript, regardless of which section you have selected in the project pane. Another problem that is related is that you can't see the cursor!! You should have a blinking cursor, or a cursor with custom color, so you can see where it lands when you tab. Or alternatively you can have the window snap to where the cursor is so you have a hint. Also, if I remember correctly when you open the cork-board with a key shortcut(nice!), you don't get focus on the pane so you can't select a card with your keys (bad!). Whenever you can fix navigation with the keyboard, I'll be glad to switch. Until then, is back to Scrivener. Thanks for listening. Steven Quinones-Colon
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