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    iPhone 6 Plus as a production machine

    I have the iPhone 6 Plus as well... hoping this will be my primary app to use for writing on the go.
  2. goodcoffy


    Hi I'm a newbie surfing the forums for any info on how to get started writing my novel using Storyist. I have the iPhone version right now and will eventually add to my iPad once I get it. I'm actually participating in Nanowrimo this year and using my iPhone 6 Plus to write hehehe, it should be fun. Any suggestions on the app please offer. I just realized I can't open my saved files from Storyist in Dropbox ;( still learning so here I am, waving to everyone!
  3. goodcoffy

    I register here to say : love Storyist 3

    Hi I'm new in here... storyist 3 wow! I'm excited!