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  1. In Storyist 2, the command bar at the bottom allows me to link the views in split-screen so the selection in one view follows the section of the other. There isn't a bottom bar for Storyist 3. How do I link the two panes? Thank you.
  2. One of my favourite features about Storyist is how the information in the index card is independent from the manuscript body, so I can write notes that do not appear in the novel. But there will be a rare time or so in which I would like to copy all the information in the index cards into the manuscript body word for word. Is there a function or a short cut that can do this? Thank you.
  3. Hi, when I outline in index card mode, I create chapters and sections so they display clearly in a tree hierarchy fashion with the relevant information on screen. But there will be times where I would like to amend a particular section and bump it up in the hierachy as a chapter instead. In Word, it's as simple as highlighting the first line in the section and changing the style to "Heading " and the hierarchy will be revised automatically. But I can't seem to find that function in Storyist. To achieve the same thing, I have to create a new chapter, manually cutting and pasting the index card information captured in the section into the chapter before deleting the unwanted section. Is there a shorter way to achieve this, similar to Word's? Thank you.
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