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  1. Hi Liz and Steve, I have a problem on my iPad mini. My project primary consist of a huge bunch of notes of different size, that supposed to be reviewed, sorted and shuffled, and compiled in a final draft document. Amount of those notes is as much as over 2,000, therefore I need a convenient tool to see, recognize, shuffle and change their order as required. Index cards seem to be the best form to work with. All those notes have no title and are recognized only by their text BODY which has to be reflected in the correspondent Index Cards (exactly as shown on the picture on the first page of your manual). In the Outline panel on the left side I want to see the list of my notes showing the beginning of corresponding text body, not just "Body Text" title. To import my project in Storyist I do the following. Import all notes in a single MS Word document and insert "#" between them. As neither *.TXT or *.RTF formats doesn't allow me to create outline or index cards in Storyist, I convert my Project.doc via "Textilus" into Project.FOUNTAIN format, and only then open it in Storyist. My question is: how to make my project to be reflected in Storyist as shown on the title picture of your manual for iOS Thanks in advance for your help, Vladimir.
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