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  1. Okay, if I change the style of a paragraph, then I seem to lose any extra formatting that I changed inside it. It does make sense, but it means I have to go through the whole book and reapply those extra italics again. Is there any way around this? Thanks in advance ... :-)
  2. Mmm. Didn't know this. I'd assumed it was an OS thing.
  3. I have no idea how I missed that .... Thanks!
  4. Waking up this dead thread again. Would still like to see it a more subtle background on the corkboard, but only if it's not a tremendous pain in the bum.
  5. Full-screen scroll bars that are a bit more subtle would be nice ... Perhaps a choice of different scroll bar styles? (That's probably going a bit far.) And if they could disappear when they're not in use (I think Lion will do that anyway).
  6. I'd like to see chapter numbering as well (sorry if I'm a bit late ... ) and thinking about it, is there really a need to have the chapter numbers updated live? I don't think I really care what the chapter number is until the book is printed or exported.
  7. Well, I was thinking any colour, or any JPG/PNG (tiling optional). Failing that, a nice neutral grey would be nice.
  8. Would it be possible to make the storyboard background configurable?
  9. Yep, that would do the trick, as long as you could save selections so that different they could be recalled later ....
  10. Probably overkill really. All I really want to do is selectively print/export documents in the tree ...
  11. Probably not doable, but I would like more than one document tree. A single document could occupy more than one tree, which would allow me to print different sets of documents, from the same base group (only documents from the currently viewed tree would be exported/printed).
  12. Okay, well I would prefer the WriteRoom approach. A plain screen with just the text. And you should be able to change the font, background and foreground colours. I think it would also be useful to have an optional status line, which carries the word count. And some way of navigating to other documents, even though you can only show one at a time. Oh, and a scroll bar that only appears when you put the mouse on the edge of the screen. Hope that helps.
  13. How about a full screen mode, like Scrivener/Ulysses/CopyWrite/WriteRoom?
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