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  1. Hi Steve, during the last hours I was perparing myself for this November-writing-like-hell thingy since I decided to survive it using my iPad for writing. While doing so, I noted two things I categorized as 'odd' which I'd like to bring to your attention. First thing: I'm using an Apple bluetooth keboard for any serious writing and whenever I press command-up for getting to the top of my text, Storyist is doing that, places my insertion marker at the beginning, ready to roll. Pressing command-down for the bottom of the text does place my cursosr at the bottom, but the view stays where it is, I have to scroll down manually to actually see the cursor again (it doesn't matter if I actually start typing down there). Not especially hard on me, just a bit odd. Second thing: the spell checker. The good news - it does check my spelling. The bad news: whatever I do, it won't change the language. Most applications are using the present keyboard layout for determining which language to use (which is ok if you don't use an external keyboard which obviously can't change it's layout) but somehow Storyist doesn't do it that way. Matter of fact, I haven't been able to change the spell checckers' language even by using system settings to change the iPads language Both things are almost certain to be me being too dumb to figure out how to do it; but if by any chance there actually IS a minor inconsistency in changing the spell-checkers language I'd like to ask for a somewhat different approach to do it. Using the layout of the on-screen-keyboard is working as long as one doesn't use an physical keyboard, so I'd like to propose a selection using the settings menu (or whatever you call them on iOS) Thanks for a brillant piece of software...
  2. Precisely. And I do promise I won't tell M about it...
  3. It's been a long time since I was even remotely able to do some writing but I promised myself (and a couple of other people as well) to reboot myself again. I just got Storyist for the iPad I bought yesterday and I'm really exited about it. That's a terrific accomplishment, Steve, and I humbly bow before you. One thing I'd like to see in a future version is having a free-flow textmode as an alternative to the paginated view we have right now.
  4. Ah, yes, the iPad 2. Gnawing at my nails to get one, 3-4 weeks until Apple will deliver it, just sold my MacBook to get one. Thanks for the warm welcome, hope I will never ever be that close to a car crash again. Entirely too personal for my taste.
  5. well, not deceased, not really. But very nearly so after being on the receiving side of a truck running at 100 km/h into a traffic jam. Unfortunately, the car which was hit first was mine. Interesting experience, tell you that. It helps focusing on the moment. However, since I am now as good as new - probably better - I will start working again soon. I do like the new color scheme here, btw. New for me, that is. Did I miss much? Oh, and happy new year everybody...
  6. Inspiration - well, this could be an endless topic. Unfortunately I am one of those who hardly remember what I was dreaming. Maybe once in a month, maybe less. My Imagination does work overtime before I am going to bed - therefore I keep a notebook and a pen right beside the bed in case something truly magnificent might turn up. And then there a smells. I don't know why, but most of the time the right smell does wonders to my imagination.
  7. Sure thing. Since I will participate as well it would be rude not to help a fellow masochist.
  8. Probably after a lot of... well, 'eating backwards' while testing the gyro interface
  9. Well, consider this (at itunesconnect): (Uh, sorry if this is already common knowledge, I just found out about it today...)
  10. Sigh! No iPad in April - Apple just announced a slight delay for the rest of us. Well, maybe we'll get it together with OS 4... Just had one to play with and want one. I hate waiting.
  11. Well, here we are for the moment: screenwriting on the iPad, for now.... http://www.jokeandbiagio.com/how-to-write-...lay-on-the-ipad
  12. More salt into my wounds... And the 24th of April is NOT this week, last time I checked. Even worse, the 16g WiFi-only iPad will cost around US$ 673 here, while yours is what? $499? Maybe its just me being naive, but couldn't you just switch the keyboard off?
  13. I wonder how I could bribe anyone to buy one for me & send it over to my place... I HATE waiting...
  14. Funny thought, there. My wife is currently (well, she's still at it, really...takes some time) busy researching a long article (maybe short book) currently titled "Intelligence is the wrong way", where any form of intelligence turns out to be a dead end, evolutionary.
  15. Having read a lot of complaints about not being able to change the iPad's battery I did a quick check with my still working iBook, which will turn seven in July, and was shocked, SHOCKED, to notice that I haven't changed the battery once. Never in nearly seven years! And it's down to 93% percent of its original capacity, according to coconutbattery. Upon realizing that I felt like an outcast: somehow I simply don't change batteries in my notebooks, nor my mobile phones, for that matter. I need to get therapy. Fast. Who knows, it might just be the first symptom of becoming a.. a... mass-murderer, perhaps? Oooops, I forgot to confess that my MacBook, aged two and a half, still runs on its first battery. Really, I need to do something about that. I will buy two by tomorrow, promise.
  16. Oh, aye - happy new year. May 2009 rot somewhere - it's been not too kind to me...
  17. M, you are (insert appropriate adjective here). You just saved my day. Thank you very much for that. However, the Inspector seems to work here in 2.1.4beta. Odd.
  18. I thought moving from one small village into another, even smaller, village might not be a big deal. Boy, was I wrong. I used to browse the net leisurely every day, but haven't done this in a long time. Well, up until this morning. For some reason my internet connection is stable, rock solid. It survived even my MacBooks attempt at getting my Emails. However, I learned two things: 1. If you want to have a decent - or any - net connection, don't leave the larger cities. 2. Never argue with your telco. Never insist on them looking into some particular problem you identified. It is like a spinal reflex, some kind of instant denial of a) the problem's existence at all or a mere customer being able to spot something of relevance. The latter simply CANNOT HAPPEN, therefore the problem has to be somewhere else. It took me two weeks to discover that. Now the only thing left I have to do is getting the heating up and running - its freezing outside, so it might be not a bad idea. Hope to stay connected this time..
  19. hase

    New Words

    Some years ago I asked a pretty famous writer about that same topic and she said she would try to look into our own long forgotten languages - for humans - probably by adding a little mixing and stirring. For truly alien species I would do it backwards: what are the intersecting points between two species, what concepts are translated there. Using this as a reference mark, go ahead and get the differences between both species written down into a concept of language or other means of transporting information - like smell, gestures and so on.
  20. Either you are looking for something like Final Draft, which happens to be the screenwriting software, or you are looking for something newly developed which does copy or expand Final Draft's features. You might try celtx or Montage. Storyist is not screenwriting-only, mind you, it can do significantly more than that; and still retain a screenplays formatting and other peculiarities.
  21. It seems better not to have one large screencast, but several small ones, which even might make it into a help-menu sometimes.
  22. Should I really do so? It's a bit.... stomach-turning might be a proper term.
  23. Forgive me if I sound naive, but did you try a simple copy/paste? I just tried it here and it retains italics. I'm sure there are good & sound - even religious - reasons against doing something simple like copying from one application into another, but sometimes I wonder if exporting and importing mightn't be too cumbersome... Works with large files also - I just copied Kant's Kritik der reinen Vernunft (184743 words) from Pages to Storyist - it takes a while but it works perfectly, crashes upon saving the file. But it works with 11000 words, no crash at all, I swear.
  24. Here we should call it brewery day... Funny, in the US it is some kind of family day, isn't it? Here it is more like an initiation rite for almost adult men, which includes the famous Men-Vomit-Race somewhere...
  25. Bawd man. Getting all of us hooked up to Storyist.... Not that there is any need to do that, but still...
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