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  1. I would like to have a quick visual guide not only of how many words I have left in the project, but also how close I am to meeting my quota for the day. This would be particularly useful for NaNoWriMo. (this is in the wrong sub forum and I'm unable to delete it!)
  2. Oh my gosh, poor forums! I've neglected you! To be honest, I haven't written anything either. I'm starting to get back into writing again, instead of waiting until my divorce is finished. It's always something, isn't it? Well, last year of my 20s, better make it good! Thank you Thoth and LadyM!
  3. My goodness, I feel like every time I come back the forums have had an overhaul. o__o
  4. I know this isn't about STORYIST itself, but I wasn't sure where else to put it, and I didn't want to bother Steve with a PM. I was just looking around the forums, and I thought of something - would it be difficult to make, for example, a Writing Challenges forum for the NaNo and Script Frenzy forums? I mean, if you want to keep the separated by year, eventually they're going to add up... and maybe if we had a place, we could have community-based writing challenges. I don't know how that would work, exactly, but it's just a little baby brainwave.
  5. This is the only thing I can find for Dragon Dictate. Is that what you're talking about? EDIT: Ah, spoke too soon. I see that the app is indeed free. :/ Sort of wish I had an iPhone/iPad now.
  6. That was some innovative spam. Above a yeti indeed. I've been thinking off and on for a while that a dictation software would be useful - especially since I've developed this nasty pain in my drawing arm - but I can never manage to convince myself to spend $200 on something I might hate.
  7. Oh nice! I was looking for something like this a few weeks ago. Thank you!
  8. I was in Seattle during the storm, but my friend closed my windows (someone didn't look at the weather reports before leaving!) and the worst our town seems to have suffered is some tattered awnings. (Dover, NH)
  9. I made it to 28! (Still no finished novel though.)
  10. Oh hello there. Did you miss me? I'm wondering, for those of you that have a choice in how you get to the keyboard, how your writing area is set up. Have you tried a standing desk? One of these crazy chairs? I'm still young, but hunching over the keyboard for 8-10 hours a day is going to start doing some serious damage if I don't wise up. I have my Cintiq (thing I use to draw) on a dresser; trying to incorporate some standing hours.... What do you guys do?
  11. Oh man, I love 10k days. My body hates me, but they are so awesome.
  12. I've been so busy for the last - god, four months now - that I've had zero time available to read... or write, in the strictest sense. I'm trying to make the time, but I'm also curious as to how people here feel about audio books. I've always stayed away because I liked the pleasure of silent, single-minded absorption that comes from a book. But who knows, I could be missing out on a great thing. And even half-paying attention is better than no input at all. A girl can only create for so long before the random inspiration tank needs to be re-filled, you know? Are there audio books that you particularly love or hate?
  13. astillac

    iPad 2

    I want one, kind of like I want a new kitten, but I really have no idea what I would use it for.
  14. No worries, Jules! I put a rambly paragraph up. We should all write something this weekend. I can't remember the last time I sat down and wrote... and I NEED to!
  15. I kind of like re-writing. I can spend entirely too long it though, which is why I don't have anything ready to show anyone. (Also, screw kidney stones. Evil bastards.)
  16. Link has been in my signature for a while. I'd feel strange putting a direct link on the forum.
  17. Oh gosh have I really been a forum member for that long? Heehee!
  18. Woo! 500 posts! I didn't even know! And it only took me, what, three years? I need to get a new computer too, Thoth. My poor iMac is coming apart at the seams (literally) since my husband took it apart to replace the crashed harddrive. I haven't even started looking/thinking/saving for it yet, so you're ahead of me on that! LadyM, you must stop getting coerced into editing. All that money making (and you had better be getting paid!) is clearly hurting your forum presence. xD As for me, I've been working pretty much non-stop on the webcomic since the first of the year.
  19. Hey everyone, just wanted to check in and see how everyone's doing. I keep coming by the forum but it is very quiet. So. Tell me. What have you been up to the last couple of months? - Calli
  20. Man, I just updated to Snow Leopard. Sheesh!
  21. Thoth: I was in the Army and I had to do it to get out of bootcamp. Annnnd I'm pretty sure I've given up on NaNo. I haven't written in over a week.
  22. Kidney stone was the worst pain I've ever been in, and I've ran two miles with stress fractures in both tibiae. Three people at the hospital told me (separately) that women who have given birth say kidney stones were worse than childbirth, and that others said it was on par with childbirth. Doesn't make me particularly keen to start having babies. But a book? Writing? I can do that.
  23. May we see a page of the script? I've been wanting to do a online graphic novel for a long time.
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