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  1. Hi, would it be a great effort to have flexible entries in all story sheets? E.g. I would like to rename "Summary", "Physical Description" and "Notes" in the Character Sheet, or even add more sections in it. Also the preset entries under Physical Description should be customizable. What do you think? Maybe it's only a nice-to-have, but it would be really nice and useful (especially when you have setup your story in a different language than english ). Best regards, Crystaliq
  2. Hi Steve, I would like to "push" the first bug forinfo explained above: I read in your answer that you were not able to reproduce this. I have this issue with all my projects since the update to iOS8. The latest updates for iOS didn't help unfortunately. So I really hope you can help. I try to explain the setup, when it happens: - It doesn't matter if I create sections and chapters in a text file or story sheet, as long as your list of chapters and sections is longer than what you can see on screen I'm unable to scroll down, it always jumps back to the top. I can create a new section or chapter and rename it, but it is not visible in that moment, because the navigation jumped back again to the top somehow. - Your proposal to rotate the iPad doesn't work unfortunately. I already tried all 4 possible cases. - I'm not using an external keyboard. And I only use the iPad version of Storyist, since I have no Mac. The issue never happened with iOS7.X. The app is really the best of all and I would really love to have this issue fixed. It's not so easy to go back to the Home Screen all the to time to scroll down. BTW I noticed that the first time you can not scroll down anymore is the moment the keyboard comes up the first time. I hope you can help me out! Best regards, Crystaliq
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