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  1. Wow, thanks everyone for the active discussion! I have not been back here in a while because typically these types of forums get one or two responses and then months go by waiting for the application designer to get back. I am seriously impressed with the feedback and I 'm glad my idea has had some consideration by the comunity. To those who offered alternatives and help understanding the finer operation of Storyist thank you. I have never written any type of story or manuscript before but Storist has seriously helped me organize. Thank you Steve for making a real robust (and reasonably priced) help for the disorganized and impoverished writer like me.
  2. I would like to see a feature that would sync your current project with a google docs account so backups could be made simple.
  3. When you start typing in a character name a list of available characters should appear, like when you start searching in a major search engine. You can either select a name from the list or keep typing if you like. The names should link back to your character pages. If you type in a new character name, you should be able to highlight the name and right click>choose Add new character and a new character sheet would open for you with that name. Of course the same could be done for places, backgrounds etc.
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