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  1. Is there a way for Storyist to tell me how many pages is in each of my chapters so I don't have to go through a figure it out? I like to keep a spreadsheet that tallies this so I can keep an eye on my pacing. It helps to know if I have a long or short chapter somewhere. Thanks, Lisa
  2. I'd really like to see the option to analyze word frequency in my manuscript. This would help me figure out which words are my "crutch words" so that I can improve my writing.
  3. I'm using version Storyist 1.5.2 and Mac OS 10.5.6, so I'll look for this problem to be solved with Storyist 1.5.3.
  4. When I open my file I get an error that says "Missing Notebook Entries?" "This file appears to be missing the following notebook entires: *lists them A backup copy of this file has been created and labeled with the comment "Missing notebook entries?". If closing and reopening the file does not correct the problem, please contact support." The icons for the notebook entries are there, but they're blank. Where is the backup located? I can't find it. How can I fix this?
  5. 1) OS X 10.5.6 2) iMac 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 2GB RAM 3) 95,000 words 4) It varies. 5) I'm switching from Word to Storyist (Office 2008, 12.1.3) -- I just ran software update and see there's a newer version so I'm updating that right now. Thanks!
  6. I'm experiencing delays still even with the newest version. I have a fairly new iMac, so I doubt it's a hardware issue. Mostly I notice that it spins when I switch to Storyist from another program. It always takes a few seconds for the cursor to stop spinning.
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