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  1. Hi Steve, I've just picked up Storyist on my old MacBook Pro again. it can't run anything higher than High Sierra. So I launch Storyist 4.1.2 (I think) and get a prompt that a new version is available. Excited by the release notes I hit "Update and relaunch", only to find that I can no longer use it as it requires a newer version of macOS that my hardware does not support. Please add a check to this process so users have a chance to say no. As it stands, I can no longer use Storyist 4 on this hardware. Is there a release archive somewhere that allows me to use the latest compatible version for High Sierra?
  2. I’ve sent this over as a bug report recently, just in case it has slipped through the cracks of the internet, I thought I’d post it here to. In case you have this issue, there is a workaround. When I open Storyist 4.1 on iOS 12 (iPad), no items show up in the sidebar when it was closed. Neither documents nor chapters show up, the list is completely empty. However, when the sidebar is already open by the time Storyist is started, items show up correctly. Storyist remembers the state of the sidebar, so when it’s closed, it’ll open closed upon next start. The workaround is to leave the sidebar open, close Storyist, then open it again. I’ve made a quick video to show the issue: Hope this helps to fix the issue. If you need further details, please let me know.
  3. I’ve been getting into the iPad version of Storyist 4 and was wondering if there’s a way to collapse all chapters at once. When I open my document they’re all open by default, and it makes it slightly cumbersome to collapse each one individually, or scroll to the bottom of the list. I guess the list would look shorter when they’re collapsed. I’ve attached a screenshot if the area I’m referring to. Thank you for any tips!
  4. Do'h - that feature already exists! Here's how to access it: Position the cursor in your manuscript, then choose View - Layout - Draft. The layout that shows the formatting on the current pages is View - Layout - Page Layout. I love that about Storyist: I'm thinking, "wouldn't it be great it...", and oftentimes it turns out what I'd like to see has already been implanted ?
  5. Turns out there is: Using the Inspector (that's the panel on the right hand side), there are three little icons at the top. The one on the far right is a list of all comments. From here we can conveniently navigate to any comment, or delete the ones we no longer want so see. Thank you, Steve!
  6. Marguerite! Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. I can't seem to find the actual arrow, but I found the menu item under View - Go Back (and Go Forward respectively) and their respective shortcuts on the Mac Version. Perhaps I've disabled the toolbar necessary to show the icon. I'll keep hunting though. As for the iPad Version: I'm mostly using an external Mac keyboard with it, and I found out that holding the CMD key down, Storyist shows a list of shortcuts for the current view. A full list of iOS shortcuts can be found here (thanks, Steve!): http://storyist.com/ios/docs/#keyboard-shortcuts To answer my own question: CMD + down arrow places the cursor at the end of the current document.
  7. Is there a way to scroll to the bottom of the current document on iPad, via a keyboard or onscreen shortcut? I know this featrue is available on the Mac version (I believe it's Function + cursor down), but I cound't find anything similar on the iOS version. Speaking of which, the Mac shortcut is great, but when used by accident, there's no easy way to go back to where you were before (or is there)?
  8. I was wondering if there's a way to show a list of all my comments in a Storyist file. Currently, when I make a comment on a section, it's difficult for me to find at a later time to do some work on it. So what I'm doing right now is add a comment, as well as a bookmark, because bookmarks can be seen in the column on the left hand side (not sure what it's called, kind of the "file inspector"). But it occurred to me that it's twice the work, adding a comment as well as a bookmark. So I was wondering if there is indeed a way to display my comments in a similar way to the bookmarks. Is there? And how do I do that?
  9. Just in case you run out of ideas, I like the idea of something like Focus Mode. What I mean by that is a writing experience much like we have now in full screen, with no distractions, but in addition it would display just the text we're working on, without showing the page breaks. I feel it can interrupt the flow if a page break comes up and I find myself constantly at the very bottom of the screen. I'd love it if Focus Mode could just focus on the last few lines of text, no matter if there was a page break or not, and give me some room at the bottom. It would be like having an endless piece of paper that you keep typing on until you're done. This means less manual scrolling, and pure typing. Because sometimes, it just flows, and you want to let it all out :-)
  10. I think I figured it out, at least how to insert a blank line: press Enter to start a new paragraph write the first few words of said paragraph go to the beginning of said paragraph and hit Enter again However, I still can't figure out why this behaviour is *sometimes* happening while I'm writing.
  11. Bizarre stuff indeed. Perhaps your project file is corrupt, or there's a file permission problem. Try duplicating it in Finder, then open the copy and try to save some changes there. If that works, something's amiss with the original.
  12. I wish I could fix the typo in the title... it has less to do with staring than with starting... moving on! I've experienced something odd yesterday and I'm not sure what's going on. Could be a bug, could be something I'm not doing right. Let me explain. In the manuscript template, while I'm typing inside a chapter, I can press Enter and create a new paragraph. That's all good. When I press Enter twice, I create a new paragraph, and then the New Chapter / New Section selector dialogue comes up. I can now choose to create a new section, for which I need to type in the hash character. So far, this makes sense. But sometimes, I'd just like to create a blank line without creating a new section. That seems really hard to do, and I don't really know how to do it. However, at other times, I can just press Enter twice, and a new blank line is inserted, without the New Chapter / New Section dialogue coming up. I haven't figured out when or why this happens. Could someone explain how I can create blank lines, and how to bring up the New Chapter / New Section dialogue if and when I need it? Thanks!
  13. Ah, so sorry to hear that. How annoying indeed! Perhaps it's something simple we ca figure out. Try the following: create a new project, save it somewhere safe (Dropbox for example), and make a change. Close the project, close Storyist, then open up the project again and make another change. Close Storyist again, and re-open. Have your changes been saved? If yes, that's a good start. Now see if perhaps your original project was saved somewhere else. Mine are in Dropbox, in a folder called Apps/Storyist (I believe the iOS version set this up as a default, so I stuck to this for my Desktop version too). Have a look at your recent files too (under File - Open Recent) and see if you've saved your project in multiple locations. Could be as simple as you've got a previous writing effort stashed somewhere else accidentally. One last thing to check (and know about): are you using Storyist for Mac and the iOS version side by side? If so, it could be that your project was simply overwritten by an older version from either the Desktop or iOS. The way it works between multiple devices is that "the last writer wins", no matter what changes are active. What can happen is that you open the iOS version for a correction or quick addition, put the app in the background and forget about it, then pick up your laptop and wonder where that last change has gone. It may still be there, because the project is still open in iOS but it hasn't saved yet. So you re-write the scene on your desktop. But now neither version is in sync, because iOS hasn't saved to dropbox until you close the project. When working across multiple devices (Laptop - Desktop - iPhone - iPad), it's absolutely vital that you save and close your project once you're done making changes. All devices need to be connected to the internet for the changes to populate across all devices for trouble-free syncing. That's what I would check. Hope you can find those missing pages!
  14. Fantastic Steve, that was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!
  15. I LOVE the word count and daily goals feature. However I'd love it even more if the word count of Story Sheets could be included as well by choice, much like Notebook Entries and any other text file currently can. Sometimes I put a days work into writing back stories and scene descriptions that may never make it into the final draft, but I still feel it's words I've written and as such they deserve to count towards a daily writing goal too. We can always exclude them with a tick if we don't like them. Thanks :-)
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