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  1. Well...I found a way, sort of. I emailed the document to myself in .rtf format and the text was there. I can search for a word, and it appears in a black font with a yellow background on a white page. Ah. I recovered the document by doing a Select All. Then I changed the font to red, then back to black. The text is visible. The page count is now 5. Definitely a bug here.
  2. I was editing a general document when the portion of the screen displaying the document went black. I've tried scrolling in case the document scrolled off the page. Storyist says the document has 1,444 words and a little under minus nine quintillion pages. From which I suspect that the file is corrupt. Is there a way to restore it without losing the (hours of) changes?
  3. I think I see the problem. Storyist insists that the lowest level items in the navigator be entire manuscripts. Chapters and sections are automatically placed within them. If you make each chapter a separate manuscript, there's no way to move index cards across them (feature request!)
  4. That's not really what I was asking. I can drag cards around within a single document on the navigator, but not between documents.
  5. I have Project->Sections folder->Chapter folders. Have created a lot of index cards for scenes that I need to move to other chapters. Hoping to do this by drag-and-drop rather than cut-and-paste? In this context, Section means a sequence of chapters, all of which happen at the same location.
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