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  1. Margerite, Thanks! I suspected that was the case Logically, it makes sense, just a shame since it means losing a lot of the synopsis info I maintained (or jumbling it together). Bah, growing pains are part of life I suppose. Thanks again for the quick reply! Mike
  2. Great Faq! I'm still stuck on one concept/question, though. Is there a recommended format for the scrivener project that's being opened? In Scrivener, I tended to have a folder for each chapter, and individual text files for each scene. This opened ok, the synopsis data was intact (yay), but there doesn't seem to be any way to merge the files together in a more Storyist format. Instead what I have are a hundred or so individual files that are like individual little entities instead of a single whole. Am I missing something obvious? I admit, it took me a few to realize I needed to highlight the text in order to change the style, so it's possible I missed something straight forward. Thanks!
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