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  1. I use Aeon timeline and find it to be an essential tool for writing a contemporary thriller. I can populate it with all sorts of arcs - important events in real history that need to be integrated into the story, my significant characters life (birth date, education, formative experiences), and so forth. I use EXCEL to define and track the structure of parallel plot threads. That too is available at a glance. There is no better system than moving the eyes. It's instantaneous, doesn't do anything to disturb my location in the document, and it doesn't pull me out of the zone. I have two monitors (Mac 5K + thunderbolt monitor) so I just open Aeon on the 'other' monitor as a ready (move eyes) reference. There is so much data in the Aeon file for the story it really needs a huge monitor and I still end up scrolling from time to time. I can live with that. Work real fine, last long time. There are a lot of features I'd like to see in Storyist more important to me than some sort of complicated timeline integration. As it is, all I have to do is glance at it when I'm using Storyist, and if I'm working with beta reader comments in WORD, it's still only a glance away. Fitch
  2. What I wanted to do seemed simple enough in concept; export my novel as one large properly formatted MS-WORD manuscript file with numbered chapters. How do I do this? I didn't find this as an option in the user manual under export. I can't find it in any of the export menu structure, but I'm very new to this SW, and the Mac (for less than two weeks after decades of using a PC), so I might be missing something. Thanks Fitch
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    User Manual.

    Hi Steve, Thanks for the links. FWIW: I figured out how I made that mistake. The story I was working on was imported from a Scrivener document that used the Scrivener Novel Format. The compiler 'stuff' I was confused by appeared in the Novel Format section that Scrivener appends to the front of the document. Fitch
  4. Fitch

    User Manual.

    Hi Steve, Good catch. Boy is that embarrassing. I had Scrivener on my PC and stopped using it - the compiler was one many features I didn't like. The trial version is here in the Mac (which I have only had since last Monday). I don't know how I got the wrong manual. But I did. My primary writing program on the PC for the last three years was WriteWay Pro - I liked it a lot but there is no Mac version. I may yet try it using Parallels. I licensed Storyist to replace WriteWay on the Mac. I had Storyist on the iPad. Fitch
  5. Thanks. I found it. It looks readable at 14. Fitch
  6. I'm new to Storyist so this may just be a new i.e. question but I didn't find an answer so I'll ask: Is there some secret handshake that I can use to increase the size of the project and outline text. I'm running on a 5K and the font is really tiny on both the 5K and the additional Thunderbolt monitor. I can zoom in and easily read the manuscript text but the other stuff is really really REALLY tiny for 73 year old eyes. Thanks fitch
  7. I'm brand new to this, but It seems like the user manual might be out of date. For example, it refers to file>compile. I can't find that anyplace in the file menu. Where is it or what replaces that? Thanks Fitch
  8. Yes, please. This would be a big feature and a major clerical work reduction. I admit, I'm astonished it's taking 6 years to add this feature. Fitch
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