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  1. How can I force a page break using Storyist for iPad?
  2. I wanted to change the name of a place throughout my entire document. What's the simple way to go a global search and replace?
  3. Thanks, Steve. I guess it goes in the wish list for the next version.
  4. How can I create an alphabetical (or any other) sort of the text files (pages) I have within a folder on the project pane. Seems like it would be a simple operation but I'm obviously missing something. Thanks for your help.
  5. Duh! Just figured it out. View>Storyboard. It's like calling tech support and as soon as the call's connected you discover the solution on your own.
  6. I opened a project created in Scrivener into Storyist and am unable to see the index cards (or card view) that I was used to on the cork board. I use these "cards" to create synopses of the files or folders that they are attached to. Hopefully, they didn't get lost in the translation. What am I missing here? Love the IOS sync but this issue is a bit off-putting. Thanks for your help. Don.
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