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  1. I just found what seems to be the reason of the bug: As you can see, the zoom bar should be positioned slightly above the bottom (black part, which is the bottom of my screen). However, in screen shot it was positioned very close to it. Additionally, I even came across several situations where this zoom bar was ill-positioned below the bottom, and less than half of it remained visible. So the zoom bar disappearance problem I reported before, seems to be caused by this zoom bar ill-positioning. Best regards.
  2. Many thanks to your kind & useful information again! And yes, the floating zoom bar does disappear and never come back quite many times. I try to fix this problem by manually switching back & forth the view modes, from Storyboard view to Page view. (And lots of times, I have to repeat this process a couple times to make the zoom bar show up.) Despite the cumbersome manual solution, I hope there can be some fix to this bug.
  3. Yes! And please make it Count Characters(without space) by Section, please.
  4. Yes, they match now. So my problem now becomes I cannot get Section Character Counts in Storyist by any means.
  5. UPDATED: It`s Character Count (Without Space) By Section what I`m actually asking for. Calling it word count is incorrect. Many documents I wrote are in Chinese, so I`m afriad without this proper word count, I have to switch back and forth to other software simply for this purpose. Currently, word count in Chinese is different in Storyist and Apple Pages. For example, in Chinese these are the most common symbols with their word count: One Word: · , 。 “ ” ‘ ’ 《 》 Two Words: …… —— Zero word: SPACE (Actually Chinese language doesn`t use space at all)
  6. Thank you for your kind suggestion! However, I do use Outline quite often. Yet my book structure requires me to manage a large number of index cards in different folders, so I`m really hoping that moving those cards among different split windows will become possible.
  7. BTW, can we please assign multiple plot sheets to section at once? And also, when viewing index cards, Zoom Bar in Storyboard disappears frequently, I think there might be some bug here. Is there any method we can manually show it again?
  8. This is tremendously helpful! Really appreciate that!
  9. Oh, one more thing: Please allow us to mass assign selected plot sheets (in any split window) to some single section. E.g. Keyboard holds 'Shift' + mouse click to select 8 plot sheets -> right click on one of these sheets -> choose assign to some section -> done. This will be so so helpful. Otherwise, plot sheets are generally too cumbersome to be manually assigned. Best regards.
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