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  1. I know this has been talking about before but I read a post from 2010 mentioning a way to automatically create section sheets when you create a new section. That was probably for an older version (obviously) so I am wondering if the same option is available for for Storyist 3?
  2. Thanks for the reply! I've got the latest versions of everything (as far as I am aware, though I don't necessarily trust auto-updaters) I think the iCloud problem was that it took a while to sync. Just checked the mac version of Ghost Story and the changes have now been synced. I'm hesitant to use dropbox again due to the kerfuffle early on but that well could have been a compatibility issue as it was quite a few months ago, and possibly the ios beta of Storyist 3. The problem there was that when the files synced, all changes were lost. Though, there again, that could have me being impatient, opening the file before the changes had synced, so the old file then became the latest version. Makes sense. I'm hoping that's all it is because I really love the page views and being able to link plot points, section/scene sheets, and character developement points. Going to check sync times now as I am a little worried that if I switch between projects in ios (for say, copy/pasting text between files) I won't be able to reopen file right away without loosing changes. Anyway, thanks again!
  3. Thanks for the reply and the welcome. I've been lurking on the forums for a while now, mostly for the templates and troubleshooting issues. Like how custom templates don't appear in ios template chooser (grr) But I've got a workaround for that by keeping a clean copy and duplicating it. I'm generally a PC user so I figured it was all just me being stupid or something. And who knows, maybe it is. But in all my googling, I haven't found a fix so I figured I'd come here.
  4. I've been having serious syncing problems between my iPad 4 and my mac, both using Storyist 3. And I'm going to be a bit long winded about it, since I've been having this problem for a while. I used to use dropbox for everything (both the Apps/Storyist folder as well as /Storyist) and while new projects would sync (for the most part. Sometimes files would not appear on the IOS home screen untill I went into dropbox and opened them manually, occasionally creating duplicate copies), changes within the projects made on my ipad do not appear in the mac version. More often than not, when I returned to the iPad file, the changes had been completely erased causing me to loose thousands of words worth of work (thank whatever gods there may be that dropbox has an Events feature, allowing me to retrieve most of it). I gave up using Storyist for a while after that but today decided to try again, this time using iCloud. First I went through and deleted duplicate copies of projects, including my entire /Dropbox/Storyist folder (the one my ipad had been previously synced to) leaving a few projects in the /Apps/Storyist folder. I also deleted the two files from my iCloud/Storyist folder that had been created on my ipad, and saved a new project (Ghost Story) there created on the mac. I opened Storyist on my mac and all files disappeared (as expected since I deleted the folder from my mac). Then I changed the sync setup to iCloud and the two projects I had deleted reappeared, but not the new project. I changed the sync options back to Apps/Storyist and retrieved the files I had there (including 3 duplicate copies of Ghost Story. I assume this was because I had a file of the same name already in the dropbox folder as a backup so it synced and duplicated both versions). I changed the sync back to iCloud and all files currently showing on the iPad were copied to iCloud (also expected although deleting the duplicates on the ipad would not delete them from the mac iCloud). Final test: While the iPad was synced through iCloud, I made a few changes to Ghost Story. Nothing major, just a few lines of text. Then closed the project, hoping that would save the changes and shut down Storyist as the iCloud sync has no Sync Now option (and when I used that option with dropbox it would delete whatever changes I had made, reverting the file to the last mac save). Then I went into my mac and opened the iCloud version of Ghost Story. And the changes did not appear. Went back to the iPad and the changes were still there, so obviously the changes within a file are simply not syncing and I have no idea what to do about it. I bought Storyist for my iPad so I could write on the road and wouldn't have to haul my PC around with me and because it was the best novel writing app out there for the iPad. I bought Storyist for my Mac so I could write at home and have the fully featured program and make changes to Character sheet forms etc. But if I can't sync files between the two then I feel I have wasted a lot of time, energy, and money on a program that, while absolutely brilliant, simply doesn't do what I need it to do.
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