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  1. I'm on Leopard, but didn't update to 10.5.1 yet...
  2. I am one myself, that may explain a lot of things Ctrl+scroll feature is OS X, so it's expected to have it zoom considering the screen as a whole image. I didn't know about Cmd+>, but that is actually a shortcut for the same zoom I was using : the one done with the little slider on the bottom right of the storyboard. And the problem is exactly that the text is resizing. When zooming in, it looks normal to you since the text gets bigger and you can read it better each time you're zooming in. But when you're zooming out to have a overall view of all your sections, per example, the more you zoom out, the less you can read the text. And at some point, you just can't read it at all, and you're having an overall view of all your elements, but can't find what you're looking for because you just have a bunch of post-its with gibberish on it...
  3. While I must admit that for the Characters and Settings, and to some extent for the Notes, the zoom is nice, it is quite weird when used for Sections and Plots. This is mostly due to the fact that zooming on images is OK, but doing so on text only works when the text is readable, which is not the case when using the storyboard as what it is: a quick look of a number of elements. When doing that, I tend to zoom so that I'm viewing 10 or 20 elements at the same time, and this way, there is absolutely no way of seeing the differences between the different elements. That leads me to the semantic zoom on these elements. Rather than considering the text as an image and zooming on it, the size of the item should change but the text size should only change a little, always keeping it readable, and displayed more or less text as necessary. When you find what you're looking for in the storyboard view, there's always the option to zoom in on it to display more, or open it to get everything...
  4. I just tried it again to see if the highlight was really annoying, and realized that most of the changes in the status of the project pane would occur when clicking a link, and not that much when typing... Maybe this would be the case when creating a new chapter or section, but the need to use a menu item or mnemonic to do that would probably just cut the writing anyway... Thanks
  5. Just moving an idea about Wiki formatting, from the Troubleshooting section... Guess we can find other interesting things for trac or other Wikis... Ah, another techie! Welcome. Isaac has experimented with subversion integration and there is a short discussion here. Thanks for the feature request. There have been a couple of wiki-related suggestions (e.g. [[character:<name>]] and it might be worth starting a topic in feature requests for it.
  6. Just adding my two cents on the zipping part of the file for SVN... One major gain with using SVN is the ability to diff any two versions, or any version with the current local version. With the files unzipped on the server, comparing may not be a problem between two versions, but comparing on the fly with the current local version may be a real pain. One thing about an import/export API: I'm just wondering what could be done with interconnecting directly to trac (or any other wiki, for that matter..) using that API. This would be far more powerful than integration with SVN, since it would allow one to access and edit all the documents from any computer, without having to install a SVN client and everything...
  7. I'm a software developer myself, so that explains why I'm having a bad habit of doing nasty things to software I'll detach that in a new thread then. There may be other nice things to be found in the trac wiki, which is tightly integrated with SVN and is really great to do incremental work (I'm using it mostly for code, but found out that it's nice for writing too..). Well I wanted to do that at first because I was transferring the notes I did write on trac for my characters, and thus started to split all that is related to their evolution during the story in development points. Since I'm only figuring out the big picture now, development points are pretty large and could potentially take up to a third of half of the final book(s). So for now I'm not linking them to sections at all, but at the moment I thought that limiting to only one section could be a problem later... Yeah I understand the need to not have things flashing around everywhere when writing, and didn't see it that way at first. In the end, those selection synchronization issues all have their pros and cons, with half of the people thinking it's good this way, and the other half thinking it's not. If changed, if would turn one half happy, and the other half angry, so better keep it that way
  8. Well I was using a Wiki for my writing, and getting kind of crazy with all the organizing of notes. One thing I'll probably miss from the Wiki is the ability to remember all versions of what I wrote, but all the other features will surely compensate, and I'll probably mix that with SVN to keep that feature. There are a few things that I could suggest though, after using the software for a few hours : First, I noticed that I could easily do links using the Wiki syntax [[]], but one nice additional thing coming from the Wiki would be the strike through style (done with ~~ ~~ on trac), to easily put some things out of the way, but keep them anyway... And, using the links to notes, I find it rather annoying to open the page for a note and then having to go back. Having a small window popping up when clicking on the link would be soooo nice. Kind of a "Quick Look" feature, you could say. I also played a little more with Character Points, and wondered how to link a development point to more than one section (just in case, who knows...). Oh, and I found another bug, too: when changing the link to a section in a development point, the view goes right to the linked section, but selection on the left, in the project view, doesn't change and stays on the character...
  9. Hi there ! I'm giving Storyist (1.3.3) a try for the first time, and I'm already finding a few bugs in the software... So here they are : • The first one happens in Storyboard view, here are the steps to reproduce : - Go to characters - Having two or more characters in the view, select the first one - Right-click on the second one, and choose 'Delete' - The expected behavior is for the 2d one to be deleted, but the selected one gets deleted instead • And the second one, in the character edition : - In Character Development Points, add a new Character Point - Select the text "Character Point Description" that gets created, from the right to the left - You'll notice you can select the tab before the text - Try typing something, and the app freezes - If only the tab before the text is selected, nothing happens. The problem only occurs when the tab is selected with some text So far it looks nice and damn useful, and the bugs aren't really blocking.... So I'll go on testing the app !
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