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  1. Thanks to all for the warm welcome. Thot --> You got me, worked as programmer in the video-game industry for 20 years - I've a tridimensional array, not a brain The actual project that I'm working on by two year is my first try as a writer. Is a complex video-game in complex world (over 400 pages of background), in a complex story, in a complex history (I've reconstructed the History of America and part of Europe from 1472 until 1910, changing some historical nodes and event. A big "What if". So I'm a complete noob on pure writer's related problems and my way of working maybe is not right. I'm saying that Storyist is a good program. I like the clean interface and the polite structure. Regarding reference or picture inside notes or other types I'll export the notes in .DOC format and I'll add with Pages. Regarding the Spaces features I might wait until I'll buy a new Mac. I have a imMac G5 with Tiger. Thanks for the gently answers and Mele Kalikimaka to all. Andrea
  2. 1st of all hello to this kind and gentle community 2nd sorry for my english. Ok. to the point! Here's is my "Future Features List": 0. Draggable scenes, plot points, characters, etc. from one Storyist document to another - (I think there's another topic in the forum that say the same and agree) 1. Research Folder - A folder where I can put PDF, .MOV, Photos and MP3. 2. Splittable window (Yes I'm a Scrivener User and this is very handy) with different contents - 1 from the resource folder (example) where I read, examine, hear, etc. and one where I write. Sometime i forgot a place, a char or a concept (very easy ) and I must quit write to search that info. 3. The possibility to insert pictures inside settings, chars, etc. and not be limited by the tiny box on the top of the page. That's it ! Storyist is a good application for analytical minds. Help me a lot to plan the story. Steve is doin' a very good job. From Rome, Italy with love Andrea
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