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  1. I can guess what an event is, but it crashes Storyist every time I create one.
  2. So, your iCloud drive is not visible, then? In theory, you select "open file" and then select it from your iCloud drive.
  3. Oops, you're right. I lied to you. You've got to navigate to the character, setting, or whatever in the main sidebar before you can open it. You can right click it and select "Reveal in Project View" to get there a little faster.
  4. What about using a double return, then selecting section separator?
  5. I too would LOVE to have dark mode on iOS.
  6. Outline view will also break down your word counts for you.
  7. Hi Kim, Open your manuscript section in collage view (individual section in storyboard view) and drag the appropriate section sheet, plot point, setting sheet, character sheet, whatever from the left-hand project inspector. With a section sheet you'll have the option to link them and your section sheet and the notecard for the manuscript section will update when you make changes in one or the other.
  8. If you import it, you can keep your formatting, (bold & italics) in place. If you're doing the copy/paste, you'll lose the bold & italics once you give it a style. I don't know of a way around that.
  9. Well, your story file is a zip, so you can right click it and view the contents with an unzip utility. This is good for getting your images, (if you're not sure where they're at otherwise) but not so good for getting your character sheets or anything else, really. The most straight-forward approach might be to just export the characters you need to dropbox, then import them into the project you need them in. These will be rtf files, though, not "character sheets." You'll have to copy/paste if you want it in a "character" sheet.
  10. No, I'm afraid it's not. If you've got the Mac version it's easy enough to copy and paste a character sheet from one project to another as a text file or notebook entry. On iOS, though, it's not really practical. You could keep both Books in the same project or gut one to keep the characters etc, and paste your manuscript in.
  11. Add another heading level for your books. Heading level 1 for the books and heading level 2 for the chapters.
  12. If there is a way, I'm not aware of it. Quickest way to manually do it, would probably be to open up the comment inspector, copy the comment, and paste it where it belongs. Sounds like a good feature request, though.
  13. Hi All, Is it possible to auto-generate a table of contents from Storyist for a pdf?
  14. I would like to see this make a comeback as well.
  15. Rusty

    My Storyist Templates

    I still need to read, GMC, by Debra Dixon, but the Truby and Brooks methods are my present favorites. Truby opened the door for me and Brooks blew it off the hinges.
  16. Hi All, I've started posting templates over at my website. So far, there's one based on Story Engineering, by Larry Brooks and one based on Anatomy of Story, by John Truby. Feel free to use, modify, share, laugh at, whatever...
  17. Not really. You can take it off "draft" mode in settings, though. Tools> view> draft mode
  18. I haven't seen that one... Does it repeat in all of your characters or if you create a new character sheet? What about in a different story file?
  19. I should also add, when you're done setting up you own "novel" text file, and it's perfect, and you love it—save it as a template.
  20. It looks like you used a new "Notebook Entry" instead of a new "Novel." You have to use >new text file >novel if you want it to be setup with chapters by default. Otherwise, you can edit your styles to give it whatever attributes you would like.
  21. I'd like to add: support for mirroring margins, so I can setup gutters for paperbacks WITHOUT going to Word. I should like to be free of Word completely one of these days. Update: Apparently, mirrored margins are already a thing. Perfect.
  22. I've noticed it will do that if you add your comment with the comment inspector open/active. Otherwise, it will behave properly.
  23. This post sounded kind of like your problem. Maybe it will help? http://sethclifford.me/2015/09/icloud-drive-finder-and-missing-folders/
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