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  1. It would be a really useful feature to be able to highlight text in Storyist. My work is proof read and sometimes the 'reader' will have a question about something in the text or change the grammar or phrasing without really knowing if the 'mistake' is intentional. If they were able to highlight text this would really help to speed up the editing process. What would be really amazing - and I feel a market leader - would be if highlighted text could then be found using the same function as 'search/replace'. Imagine what a dream it would be for someone to edit, revise and alter work if they just had to click to the next highlighted section. Now that would kick Scrivener out the park!
  2. Yep. I too think this is an almost vital feature especially during the editing process. I have the Mac version and I haven't noticed this feature in 3.2. What would be really cool (and a huge leap ahead of any of the competition) would be searchable highlights. Imagine being able to use the search/replace function to skip to the next highlighted area - talk about speed up the editing/formatting process!!
  3. I second this Rusty. It would be really good to know exactly how far I've got and to be able to check back on previous days targets. I usually take a quick look at the end of the day but I'm a night owl and most of the time I write from 8pm to 1am. Take tonight for example, I was really keen to see how much I'd written to see how far I was from my target but by the time I flipped back the clock had struck midnight and my word could was 1. I've no idea how many words I did yesterday. I don't think I'm the only night owl out there either - it's the most quiet time in the house. More depressing than this, the other day I wrote about 2500 words but I deleted 5000. According to my word count my daily target for the day was -2500! That was pretty depressing. It shows as a red blotch on my calendar now and yet it was my most productive day of the week. An option to have the daily word count up in the status bar would be a nice alternative if it's not possible to look back a previous days totals. Guess we can't have everything. A.
  4. Hi Maury, I don't know if this is any help but I was experiencing a similar problem and it was driving me insane. I read every forum and the Storyist guide and everything in between (including posting on this forum). Anyway, having beaten several shades of brown out of my iMac I realised that my manuscript was in 'FULL SCREEN MODE' and had been all the time. I went to the menu bar VIEW then EXIT FULL SCREEN (which you can also do by pressing: CTRL, CMD, F ) Once out of Full Screen Mode I went to the project panel, selected my project and then was able to set the goals etc in the INSPECTOR panel on the right. Everything now seems to work perfectly. I don't know why but you cannot access the INSPECTOR setting in full screen mode. You will also have to come back out of your manuscript and click on the main project file to review your progress against your goals etc. IF the problem you are having is not related to FULL SCREEN MODE then feel free to laugh mockingly at me. IF however the problem you have been experiencing is the result of the same issue then at least I'm not the only dipstick out there (that said there is nowhere online or in their software guide that states that the INSPECTOR menu does not work whilst in FULL SCREEN MODE. A. p.s. The 'HELP' option isn't working on mine either.
  5. DOH! It appears that Inspector View does not work in full screen mode. I exited full screen mode and suddenly everything was available again. Despite the fact that I am exposing my stupidity I shall leave this post here for future generations. (Though I might add it would be helpful to be able to access this function from full screen mode in future updates).
  6. Hi there, New to the forum and don't know if anyone can help but I have recently upgraded from Storyist 2 to the latest version of Storyist 3 and I am having problems with the Inspector View and functions. I am running the software on a full spec iMac, Yosemite 10.10.4 and using Dropbox for backup files etc. I want to set some project goals for my novel and I've read through the instructions in the Mac User Guide and allegedly it is as simple as selecting the Inspector from the View Menu and choosing 'Show Inspector'. The problem I'm having is that whenever I attempt to access the Inspector View the option to 'Show Inspector' is greyed out. I've tried highlighting the text, selecting the manuscript in the project menu, selecting the project in the project menu, closing the program and re-openning, creating a new project and cutting and pasting all the content over, saving it as a new document on my desktop instead of Dropbox, standing on my head etc etc. I've even tried getting really angry banging the desk having another cup of coffee and swearing at the screen but this doesn't seem to work either. I have attached a screenshot below... Any advice greatly appreciated (if only to save my desk from being subjected to any more abuse). Thanks Courtney
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