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  1. Well I personally like to see where I stand. Scrivener has this nice option in stats when you can choose to count or not the deleted words and to reset at midnight or not :-) And again.... with a simple shortcut. No need to go to the right place to find my stats.
  2. Well sorry I can't find it. I see the count for today, but I cannot click on days in the calendar and see how many I wrote that particular day. Can I ?
  3. I like the Storyist stats, but I did not find anywhere the actual "words per day" breakdown. It's important for me to know that I write 100 words yesterday instead of 1000. Knowing I did not reach my goal is not enough. It would be nice to have this information available somewhere. And a project stat ALWAYS available on the right panel or with a shortcut would change my life. In Scrivener I just press shift cmd T and I get my stats (but not as good as yours). In storyist I need to select the project, see the stats and get back to my text (Or I did not find a faster way) Scrivener CMD SHIFT T and... Cheers Yann L www.yannl.com
  4. In creative mode, I feel more confortable without the feeling of writing "pages". Reaching the bottom of a "page" in the middle of a sentence is I think quite disturbing. Most of modern writing tools have an unpaged mode, like Storyist in Draft Mode, but that looks great. Or maybe I can do it and never found how... in that case please move this in the support forum indeed. Here are some examples: Storyist looks like that. So, I'm in the middle of a sentence and... page break : The only thing I can do is switch to draft mode and... it's not really an appealing layout to me: Here is how it looks in other software: Scrivener in full screen mode (the best: I can choose to use OSX background with transparency level so it always looks amazing and follows my moods): Ommwriter example of "zen" writing: So yes, I would really love a draft mode that I can tweak a little bit... Cheers Yann L www.yannl.com
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