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  1. Update 2. I've almost got everything the way I want it. Once I clicked "Include body text elements" my scenes appeared in the project outline. I seem to have broken something, though, since chapters (Heading 1 style) no longer appear on a new page. I edited the style for font and size, but can't find anything to control page breaks.
  2. Update. By editing the Section Separator style to "Heading 1" for Outline Level, I now have all my scenes appearing in the project window as #. I can add names and descriptions to them (and drag and drop to new locations) so I guess I've got what I wanted. Not sure I did it the right way, though. It seems that the section separator style should automatically appear in the outline view. It's also handy in Scrivener to be able to open or close a chapter to make the scenes appear or disappear in the binder. Does Storyist allow such a thing?
  3. Thanks. That was a big help. I now have my chapters as they should be, but the scenes don't appear in the project window. In Scrivener, chapters appear as folders, and scenes as separate files within the folder. I would like to be able to drag and drop scenes, but don't yet see how to do it. I've tried changing the style of the # characters to Section Separator, but nothing happens in the project window (the left side of the window). Is this possible? Thanks again.
  4. I know this topic has been covered, but I have yet to find a clear explanation of how to migrate an existing novel from Scrivener to Storyist. My first attempt let to hundreds of files that couldn't be exported as a single file. Then I merged all my files in Scrivener and exported that way. Storyist now has a single file with the complete novel, but there are no chapter or scene breaks. I found no way to create them, and when I try to add a new file it adds a complete novel template. I'm on the 15 day trial of Storyist, and see it so far as a viable alternative to Scrivener, but migrating existing files appears to be a weak spot. Is there an easy way?
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