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  1. Hi Marguerite, Thanks so much for your help. Adding sections is really not working as it should. Here's a screenshot by screenshot of me trying to add a new section using the + symbol at the bottom left corner/ the "Add a new project item of the same type as the selected item" function. I first highlight the last section I'm working on: Then I press the + sign in the bottom left hand corner and this happens - I get a section symbol in the manuscript but no section sheet in the left sidebar, also it is two lines down (not a biggie but still another thing to sort out): Then I have to click inside the manuscript, which you can see is automatically centre justified. I think it is getting confused with adding chapters (which works perfectly): I type and it's centre justified and then suddenly the section sheet appears in the left sidebar: Entering and moving onto the next line give me left justified as normal: Just messed up. Also the shortcut for adding a new section quoted down in the same left hand corner under the "settings" cog looking thing is "command key" then "enter". This doesn't do anything.
  2. Hi, I've got 60 pages into a novel using word and need to sort out better software, obviously. After spending a fair bit of time looking at what's out there I've got it down to Storyist vs Scrivener. I'm currently running the Storyist demo and here are my thoughts after a couple of days: What I really really like about Storyist - ability to work in compiled view. You nailed it. (scrivener no) - lovely full screen look, paper texture. Classy. Well done people. (scrivener no) - simple layout, uncluttered, not trying to be everything to all men. (scrivener ...) What is bugging me about Storyist - very limited control of zoom function. Why no ability to adjust in percentages (even Word has this)? This could be a clincher for me as with the current controls I can't get a comfortable size text for how I have my macbook setup as a workstation. People who write for long periods each day need more fine tuning of this important ergonomic. Please tell me I'm wrong and that you have more controls on zoom hidden somewhere?! - adding sections is buggy? When I add a section using the pop up window in the bottom left corner, it adds the section sheet all fine but in the document it then positions the curser as centre justified, almost like it would for a title. Why? All subsequent text goes back to the default left justified. Why this extra centre justified line added? I just waste time having to delete it. The other way I have tried to add sections is by using the window that automatically pops up in the document if you press enter twice in a row, making it clear I suppose that you want a section break - the little window pops up and I press enter again when "section separator" is highlighted but it doesn't work. It doesn't add the section sheet or the hash separator and just positions the curser and text for the next line as centre justified. Proceeding text goes back to left justified. Weird. This double enter way of getting a section break would be great if it worked but it doesn't at the moment for me. I'm using Storyist 2.4.6 on a mac 10.6. I may be doing it wrong so all suggestions as to the best and simplest way to add section breaks much appreciated. Anyway I hope this doesn't come across as a whinge - I just wanted to see if these issues are easily resolved by people in the know. If I can resolve the zoom and the section break bugs - I'm sold. If not, it's a bit of feedback : )
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