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  1. Maybe I'm a moron but I can't seem to find it. See my print screen. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wpj09dnn64b7hdf/Bestand%2020-02-16%2018%2030%2008.png?dl=0
  2. I would really like the possibility to view two manuscripts side-by-side. I'm using my iPad for translating essays and I need to see the original text and work on the translation at the same time. It isn't possible for iPads older than the iPad Air 2 to work with Apple's split screen. So there isn't a workaround for the side-by-side feature for people without an iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro.
  3. Thank you both for replying. I have an iPad Air so split view isn't possible yet. I will post this feature in the request section of this forum.
  4. Hello all, I want to use Storyist for translating some essays on my iPad. For this I need the original text and the translated text, both on my screen. I'm not able to find the split screen option in Storyist anywhere. Can someone please help me out?
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