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  1. Hi I converted some Word docs into rtf to use in Storyist but read that I can't use the file card feature with these. Can I change the file format within the app? Or what should I change the files to from Word, to import into Storyist to use the cards? Many thanks!
  2. Hi a new user here so forgive me if there is a simple answer to this. My work is syncing beautifully between iPad and iPhone via Dropbox. But when I go to the Storyist app section in Dropbox I can't open the file. I had hoped there would be an accessible backup in Dropbox. I tried unzipping the file in another app but that didn't work. Any thoughts please?
  3. Hello Fantastic app, thank you. Sorry if this has been talked about before, but I couldn't find it in Search. Could we please have a voice-to-text feature please? To be able to dictate text by voice and see it appear would be awesome (and save my poor wrists on the IPad!). Cheers.
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