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  1. Since I already have GoodReader, that's a good a solution as any, thanks a lot!
  2. Darn - search wouldn't let me enter just "PDF" (too few letters!), and now I've gone and created a post very similar to this separately... In case powers-that-be are still monitoring then, +1 for import and rendering of PDFs natively. In my case, both Mac and iOS version would be very much welcome.
  3. I'm researching alternatives to Scrivener as I'm really over using multiple iOS apps and finicky manual syncs to enable productive work away from my desk. Storyist is the obvious alternative functionally and it supports iCloud sync, of which I am a big fan. I'm trying to tune my workflow and thinking to not use the "compile" concept (which I'll admit, I'm struggling with) - but that's more in the vein of "Use the software as it was designed instead of forcing it to do something else!" But a true deal breaker for me is the lack of support for importing materials supplied to me in PDF format. I frequently have no input over that file format choice; in fact, more often than not, the files will be locked to prevent the extraction of their contents, so an in-app PDF that processes and displays the contents directly is what I need. I've tried it in Storyist 3.2.4 for Mac (10.11.5 El Capitan, if it matters...) and while the file is imported OK, nothing is displayed. If I'm performing the import improperly, by all means, correct me. For what it's worth, having the capability to view the files on Storyist for iOS is a requirement; adding them to the project on iOS would fall into the "nice to have." The viewing on devices is of particular interest, as I have a tendency to save up a stack of these articles and then go through them offline on a plane or train. Thanks in advance for any help on this!
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