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  1. Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply… It is really good to know that these features are on your list - trust me, it would make a HUGE difference! Am really looking forward to seeing them in the near future! Thanks once again… M
  2. Hello, Am a new user of Storyist - and am switching from Scrivener because of the specialized features of Storyist (like separate sections where I can create profiles for my characters and more especially for the outlined plot format feature, and the feature where I can save my Workspaces). But there are some features which I would like to see in Storyist. Meanwhile, I also went through some of the feature requests on this forum and I do realize that some of the features that I have requested below may be repeated, but here goes… My requests are: Auto Capitalization of the first alphabet of a new sentence. (I must say, that I am spoilt! When I write, I just go on typing and don't want to focus on these things and then editing all this later on becomes quite a task.) Ability to customize the Full Screen (I think this has been mentioned before in this forum… it would be nice to customize the look and feel of the full screen module - like being able to customize the background colors and the font colors.) Changing Font Sizes in Outline Mode and Index Card Mode (Again, this has been mentioned in the forum… it would really make a heck of a difference if I could increase the font size in the Outline Mode and Index Card Mode.) So far, these are the features that are on the top of my list - can't remember more off hand, right now. M
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