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  1. Yes, running 2.1. Not jailbroken. I enabled usage reports. I exported an RTF from the mini without thinking, but I can send you the Storyist version from Dropbox. Yes, the file has grown and I will break it up into Chapters. I used to have that, but my story dynamics changed. The split keyboard was always invoked by finger-splitting it and getting the gray area. Didn't know about the long press. I have US English and Dutck keyboards. No external keyboard. I actually like typing (thumbing) onscreen in portrait mode, and less to carry. Accessibility is standard. Nothing tweaked.
  2. Piling it on: a "Select All" results in app crashing. Was okay in iOS 6.
  3. Oh, man, I'm relentless. Trying to edit the title of a story results in a blank screen with just background wallpaper and the Done button visible.
  4. Yes, my story is almost twice as long as Tale of Two Cities at 220,000 words. My notes page has another 60,000 words. It takes up 736k in Dropbox. No problem under iOS 6. It does not contain any images. I'm not using Copy Style, just arbitrarily hitting it or something else on the Options Bar that appears when selecting text. I wish the bar hovered further away from the top of the selected text. Especially extending selected text by pulling a handle is a risky affair with the Options Bar so nearby. I was using Safari as an example. Using Chrome, or any other browser or visiting another open app collapses my open file upon returning to Storyist. That would incidentally happen in iOS 6 too, but only if I had many apps open. I will send you the file later today. Thank you.
  5. Hi Steve, yes, I turned off background updating. I also did a reboot to clear all memory and ran Storyist by itself (which, by the way is my go-to word processor. This may seem like all's bad, but in absolutely love using it and you are the most responsive developer ever). And no, I'm not using an external Keyboard. I specifically chose the mini for its smaller onscreen keyboard which makes holding and typing in portrait mode incredibly joyful compared to the much heavier large screen iPad, that is until iOS 7 came around. I'm also experiencing crashes when I select a word and because of its much closer proximity compares to the previous version of the black Options Bar I accidentally hit Copy Style instead and boom! crash. Crashing, or rather closing, also happens when I return from the browser and I have to reopen the file every time. That used to be never the case. I actually never had crashes before this upgrade, so I'm totally blaming Apple if that makes you feel better
  6. Okay, we're still in the woods with text selection. In iOS 7, when selecting several pages of text one has to be careful not to scroll down too far or the onscreen keyboard gets pushed down and with it the selection handles disappear, leaving the selected text blue, but according to the Aa button it's not selected at all, just blue. Another bug and very annoying but perhaps due to Apple is that typing within existing text results in incomplete words and if you have spellcheck on they may even be turned into incomprehensible words. Apparently, iOS 7 can't keep up with typing speed and pushing existing text down the line at the same time, resulting in strange, ghostly, paragraphs.
  7. Hi Steve, your replies always go way beyond what one would expect from support. My thanks. I have meanwhile turned off Typewriter Mode and I think that may have fixed another problem: selected text losing its handles and thereby its options bar. I noticed that since the iOS 7 update selected text would need to be reselected as it lost its handles after a few moments, sometimes when scrolling through it and sometimes spontaneously. The selected area remained blue, but the "Aa text button" drop down displays "No text selected." I had to laugh when you asked for a screenshot of the cursor sitting at the first letter of a word. It looks just like that. I did send you a movie a while back to illustrate the odd selection behavior where tapping a word 2/3 up would select a different word at the end of the preceding line or the beginning of the line, just not the word double-tapped. It's possible that increasing text size and spacing or turning of a Typewriter Mode took care of that because it's now not doing that.
  8. After selling my iPad and buying a mini in order to type (thumb) faster for extended periods of time, I sent in a short iPhone clip to Steve that showed the problem I was having with an area about 2/3 to three quarters from the bottom up on the iPad mini screen. There's an area of about three lines that make selecting text extremely problematic. Selecting a word in the middle defaults to selection of a word at the end of the preceding line. As far as I can tell this only happens in Storyist, not in other apps. I also don't like it that selecting a word always bumps up the line, creating something of a hunt and peck game. Now that iOS 7 has come around I notice something new: lag. Typing or deleting now invokes a moment of lag that prevents from working as quickly as I was used to. And yes, I do have enough unused memory available. And there's more: tapping a word to select it now often selects nothing. The cursor then goes to the front of the first letter of that word. I also had to increase my font size. Apparently iOS 7 or Storyist renders type smaller than was the case in iOS 6. The iOS design in Storyist is fine. Things change. I can live with that.
  9. I'm glad to have gotten backwards search again in 2.0, but the search box on my iPad mini suffers from some behavioral quirks. First, after doing a search and returning to the search field after making a correction in the text now shows an empty search box while before it remained populated. I prefer it remains populated in case multiple corrections need to be made. Then, the highlighted word is invisible as it sits under the search box and one has to pull down the page to see it. Less annoying is that if you change the settings in, for example "Match Case, it does not immediately "stick" and you have to exit search and return to it, which also differs from previous version behavior. Another point is the insertion point, which is sometimes erratic in behavior in that no matter how much I try inserting a word or wanting to paste one, it highlights either the beginning word of the line I'm on, or the last word of the preceding one, no matter how often I stab at my target spot. I've been unable to attribute this to memory problems as it would return immediately after doing a restart. I'm generally very excited about using Storyist for iPad as my 670 page novel is entirely written (thumbed, rather) in storyist for iPad.
  10. I did not use the iPad version of Storyist for several months due to problems I experienced at the time with 1.0. I continued writing in IA Writer for the time being, but eventually I had to export the file to my Mac, or try the iPad version of Storyist again, which was now at 1.1 and possibly improved. Unfortunately, that appears not to be the case and below I outline some of the problems I'm having: * PROBLEM: Selecting text - When selecting a portion of text that is larger than what fits in the open area between top of the screen and keyboard, and pulling down the selection handle, the selected area jumps by itself under the keyboard and you're back at the beginning of your selection. Scrolling back down reveals that the selection area has been extended selection by just a single, or a few characters, or none at all, and you have to keep repeating the selection extension until with some luck and trial and error you manage to select the portion of text you want. * SOLUTION: Selecting text from the bottom up seems to be a temporary solution; * PROBLEM: The Find command opens just a sliver of a type box and typing turns into highlighting a random similar word from where you can start your search. If you have used Find previously you'll need to backspace it to clear the (invisible!) text box. Annoying and awkward...; * PROBLEM: Text pasted into a chapter miraculously disappears after exporting a copy of the file. However, the iPad version also created a copy within Storyist, which shows the chapters intact. If I copy this file to iTunes will it then also exhibit holes in the text, like the original copy? I shudder to think... * SOLUTION: None that I'm aware of.
  11. Just installed 1.4.1 (607) and lo and behold the White Patch is the first thing I encountered after loading my story. Macbook Air; standard config; no console logs mentioning storyist... Indeed a short scroll makes it disappear, or dragging the cursor down the invisible text, but I'd really hoped this would've been gone long after a 1.0 release. Oh well, the future always looks bright. Thanks for keeping improving the app.
  12. Maybe so, but No other app I have ever used does this, and I see it's still here after the latest update. I have it happen on every Mac I've tried Storyist on. It's quite an annoying flaw, especially when reading to someone. Maybe time Steve calls Steve?
  13. Hi Steve, Sometimes when I'm scrolling or doing a "Find," and "Find Again" (Command-G), I encounter blank portions of the manuscript where I know there's text. This happens about 2/3 down the screen. The "Find Again" will even highlight the found word in a sea of white space. Clicking there doesn't bring up the text, but scrolling will restore the complete viewable text again. Sometimes text cuts off halfway down the line so that only the top parts of letters are visible. I'm sure this is just a bug you can fix in no time...
  14. No true here, and I'm running Leopard 10.5.2. I have to remember to tick Edit > Substitutions > Smart Quotes every time I open my doc. Also, I wish one could convert all straight quotes with a single "fix" action.
  15. Thanks Steve. I meanwhile went back to my previous file and was able to copy over each notebook's contents to my new file so I'm okay. Still not sure how they could be there one day and gone the next, when all other files such as plot, characters, scenes, etc remained intact. I'll play a bit with the zip file, just to get a grasp on how things work in the background. Thanks again. Nice app! Rudolf
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