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  1. I've recently gone back into an old Storyist document in order to do a major rewrite. When opening the goal tab on the Inspector I can edit the Project Goal, but the Session Goal section is greyed out. I tried to start a brand new project file based on what I think is the same custom novel template, but that file also won't allow me to set Session Goals, only a Project Goal. However, if I start a new project file based on a different novel template, Storyist does allow me to create and edit Session Goals. Since I have already done a lot of work on this project, is there some way to reactivate the Session Goals feature in the original file? Or do I need to recreate everything in the new project file where the Session Goals area is active? I'm using Storyist for Mac 2.4.2. Thanks. Vanessa
  2. Thanks, Steve! That's good to know. Was afraid my manuscript would end up secretly emailed to all of my contacts. Vanessa
  3. Last night, as I was exporting my manuscript to RTF as my secondary backup, I received a popup window saying that Storyist was trying to access my contacts and did I want to allow this. Why is Storyist interested in my contacts? This is a brand new MacBook Air that I had just downloaded Storyist to. This was my first Storyist session on the new computer. I'm worried that either there's a bug or something else strange is going on behind the scenes here. Thanks. Vanessa
  4. I am currently working on manuscript #2 in a multi-manuscript project. Every time I open Storyist I have to right click on the manuscript I'm working on and tell Storyist to use that manuscript when tracking goals. Is there any way to get Storyist to save this manuscript as the new default for the project goals so I don't have to take these extra steps every time I work in the project? Thanks. Vanessa
  5. I've just experienced the same problem. I moved a section to a different chapter and found that the italics had all migrated to odd places. This file contains no text import. It was created from scratch in Storyist. I've also found this to be a problem when exporting to RTF and some other formats. The document will open okay in other word processors the first time or so, but then there comes a point where the italics migrate and random sections end up single spaced. I actually had a contest coordinator send back a file for me to fix because the formatting was so screwed up she couldn't send it on to the judges that way. Very frustrating! Vanessa
  6. Hi, Can anyone tell me how to set the default manuscript format for adding manuscripts inside a project? I've successfully set a default new project template which creates an initial manuscript document that's in the correct style (Times New Roman, etc.). But when I go to add a second manuscript to the project, I get the Storyist default manuscript format, the one that's in Courier and contains the text explaining the basics of formatting. How do I set it so that subsequent manuscripts within the same project keep my desired format? It's a real pain to have to start reformatting from scratch each time I create a new manuscript. I'm writing several different series that require multiple manuscripts in one project. Thanks! Vanessa
  7. Thanks for the response, Brian. After reading your post I went back and tried again. It seems the issue was that with my screen in split view I was trying to drag the index card of the section sheet from its collage to the collage of the scene. When I tried dragging just the name of the section sheet from the hierarchy list to the collage of the scene I received the Attach/Don't attach option and was successfully able to attach the section sheet to the scene. Thanks for your help! Vanessa
  8. I’m having some problems with section sheets: In my current project I created a new section sheet collection to handle the section sheets for the second manuscript in my series. The Book 2 manuscript preferences are set to save new section sheets in the Book 2 collection. However, Storyist is still saving the section sheets in the Book 1 collection. How do I get it to save in the specified collection? I can’t attach a section sheet to a specific section. For example, I created a new section sheet and tried to drag it onto the collage for section X. All that happened was that the index card for the target scene moved down and to the right within the collage as if I’d dragged it instead of dragging the index card for the section sheet. The section sheet index card does not show up on the collage and when I check the section sheet’s preferences it still says it’s not attached to anything. This inability to drag and drop also happens when I try to move an existing section sheet to another section. I tested this in a new project with only one manuscript and had the same problem. I’d like to be able to move section sheets around, particularly when I rearrange chapters and scenes, since I often want to combine more than one scene and have the collage show both sets of section sheets. Any suggestions? I’m currently working in Lion, but had the same problem in Snow Leopard. Rebooting doesn’t help. Thanks. Vanessa
  9. Yeah! It's there. Thanks, Steve! So, here's a screenshot of one month in my story from iCal. Trilogy_Timeline_on_iCal.tiff I created a group called Trilogy, then individual calendars are under that. Retribution and Betrayal are names of books. This view shows that Retribution (book 3) has action going on before the end of Betrayal (book 2). Figuring out who was doing what in this overlap period was one reason I set this up. I've also set up calendars for specific characters and specific groups of characters. I don't pay much attention to the start time except that it falls in the proper part of the day—morning, evening, etc. So you'll see a lot of 6 p.m. events. Marguerite, if you don't care about the year matching the one in your story, this could work for you. You'd just choose a day and month that work for your story, knowing that the year isn't correct, and move forward from there. That's what I do. Just because the calendar says November 2009 doesn't mean my action takes place in 2009. The month and day of the week are what matter to me so I can see the overall sequence of events and make certain no one is in two places at the same time. I also set each individual calendar so that it doesn't do alarms and doesn't sync to my mobile devices. Before I did this I got alerts such as – Rafe rescues Gabby today at 6 p.m. Which was amusing, but not particularly relevant when driving home from work. Vanessa
  10. Nope. Not there. Below the BB Code help is a long box that says Post Options (Enable emoticons, etc.). Then another long box below that called Post Icons. Finally there are two boxes - Add Reply and Preview Post. Then everyone else's posts are below that. Am I using the wrong browser? I'm in Safari. --Vanessa
  11. Thoth, Thanks for the instructions. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have the option that you mention. The only boxes I see below the text box say Toggle Side Panel and BB Code Help. Vanessa
  12. Steve, I'd be more than happy to post a screenshot. Only...I have no idea how to get the image to show up in a post. Vanessa
  13. Hi all, I'm a newbie to both the Mac and Storyist, but I just wanted to add my two cents to the timeline discussion. I'd be happy with a feature that allowed me to export selected section information to iCal. I'm currently using iCal to keep track of major events across all three books in my trilogy, with different calendars/colors set up for each POV character. What I'd need exported are: 1. POV Character (to map to a specific iCal calendar) 2. Section name 3. Location 4. Start Time 5. End Time I have no idea what level of complexity would be involved in the above, but a linear, number line style timeline doesn't work for me. My stories span so many weeks, a linear view showing the whole project just ends up as a bunch of tiny, meaningless dots. Thanks. Vanessa
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