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  1. Might you have any idea how long this issue will take to be fixed? It's *really* denting my workflow...
  2. Aha, that must explain it. I'm on macOS Sierra. EDIT: Can this be fixed on your end or will it require a future MacOS Sierra update to fix?
  3. The topic title says it all, really. Whilst in full screen mode, it would be incredibly useful to be able to drag items up and down and rearrange them in the slide in project view pane that pops into view on the left hand side of the screen. Without this functionality, one has to come out of full screen mode, rearrange items in the now fully functional project view pane, and then re-enter full screen mode. This is an unnecessarily fiddly and long winded process, in my opinion, and defeats the purpose of having a full screen "distraction free" mode.
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