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  1. Welcome, Janice! It's exciting to see an experienced, published author join the forum here. Your presence will elevate the level of discourse! I have a question--why did you write "cringe" in announcing your latest book? I hope that's not in reference to the genre or your publisher. You should be proud that you have had NINE novels published by a nationally known publishing house! Maybe you have no idea how many people think about writing a novel, talk about writing a novel, and very earnestly intend to write a novel--and never do. But you actually did, and got paid for it. Nine times. I'll never write nine novels of any type. If I finish the one I started for NaNoWriMo 2007, it will be a miracle. Anyway, congratulations, and we're looking forward to your comments here. I should also note that I am working on the Storyist User's Guide, so if you have any advice/questions/requests regarding what you would like to see in a user's guide, what you would like instructions for, etc., please post. Of course, Storyist is pretty easy to use, so you might not have any questions. But there's help here if you need it. Welcome! Christina Managing Editor, Storyist
  2. Hi Marguerite, I am an amateur student of historic costume, and I have an extensive costume library (mostly boxed up while my sewing room is renovated--um, Steve?). I have that corset book, too. I also took a corset-making class with a historic costumer and we made an authentic Victorian corset, with cotton coutil and steel stays and all the rest of it. A couple of notes you might be interested in--our instructor was a very full-figured woman (BBW), and she said that wearing a corset was far more comfortable for her than wearing any kind of bra, because it supported her around her torso, rather than putting all the weight on her shoulders. It also gave her a more flattering silhouette. My corset is fairly comfortable also, as long as it is not tightly laced. (I believe the book says that tight lacing was only done for evening/special occasions and was not an everyday thing, despite what we tend to believe in modern times.) Even when it's tightly laced, it's not painful, just really restrictive. I can't breathe deeply, kind of like when I have bad bronchitis. As you might already know, there is a subculture of corset-wearers, and if you want more information about what it's like to wear a corset regularly, you might search online for groups to question. Here's one Web site: http://www.romantasy.com I know there are lots more. There's a man in Paris known as Mr. Pearl who makes super-expensive custom corsets for Dita Von Teese and anyone else who can drop a few thousand $ on one item of clothing. His work is beautiful--I saw it in Vogue. I always thought that custom corset making would be a fun job to have (if I could get paid what he does). Christina
  3. Great suggestions, Thoth. I am stealing, um, I am using this as inspiration for another section of the User's Guide. Thank you! Christina
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