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  1. Oh, well it's comforting that eWorld rings a bell for somebody. :-) There are people, though, who were around back then who have never heard of it! I'm not familiar with RWR, so I'm not sure if Midori was mentioned there. I have done a lot of my own marketing and promotion for the book and if RWR is print, that's not easy to get into, though I've managed a few things. I keep up with online mentions via Google Alerts. ---Wendy
  2. agentquery.com is indeed a really good site full of useful information. Another place I like is PublishersMarketplace.com. You can subscribe to their Deal Lunch and Publisher's Lunch newsletters to find out who the agents are that are selling right now and the type of books that are being sold. ---Wendy
  3. Thanks, Marguerite. Just for the record I want to say that I am not technically a new Mac user. Back in the day I actually had a Mac SE. And I even worked for Apple for a time (for eWorld, if anyone remembers that). But for work eventually I had to go over to the dark side. So glad to be back. :-)
  4. Thanks so much for buying the book, Thoth! I appreciate it. It's very nice to be here and I am happy to answer any questions people may have about getting an agent, the publishing process, etc. ---Wendy
  5. I didn't see a topic for new members to introduce themselves, so I thought I'd start one! I first met Steve at MacWorld in 2007 and fell in love with Storyist. I wanted to buy it, but alas, I was a Windows user. Well, it's one year later and I have seen the light and recently purchased an iMac. And when I went to MacWorld 2008, I made a beeline to the Storyist booth and met Steve again. And now I am a Storyist-er and I can't wait to use the product. I think it will make my life as a writer more organized and I'm sure it will also increase my creativity. My debut novel, MIDORI BY MOONLIGHT, was published by St. Martin's Griffin in Sept 2007. I am feverishly working on my second book for them (deadline: March 1) so I don't have time right now to plow into Storyist. But I plan to use it soon after I hand in my book as I'm working on ANOTHER novel for my MFA program. Yes, I *am* kind of busy. This looks like a great group here! ---Wendy
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