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    Short Story Template

    Hey Steve- Sorry to be all this bother on a Sunday, but I have to say, you guys knocked me out with the time and effort you put in to helping me. Hopefully, one day, I can "pay it forward"... Here's what happened: Clicking on the first link took me to: http://www.mediafire.com/?driza31d0b2 Big letters tells me CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Do so, and you recieve a file called SHORT STORY.STORY.ZIP Open the ZIP (I scanned it, it appeared to be clean and virus free), and in that is an entire folder with a .STORY extension. Moving that into the Template folder shows it in Storyist, but trying to open it fails. Downloading from the SECOND link brings in a file SHORT STORY.STORY, with the Storyist icon. Move THAT into Templates, and it works like a charm. If only I could download "Creativity" so easy.....
  2. WMSimon

    Short Story Template

    Wow, Marguerite. THANK YOU for all that info; I didn't mean for anyone to go to all that trouble... FYI, anyone else: download from the link that says SHORT STORY.STORY. *DO NOT* download from the first link given. Works like a charm...
  3. WMSimon

    Short Story Template

    AH-HA! As I suspected, the error was User Related.... I was downloading the FIRST link. When I saw the SECOND link, I clicked that, which brought down the .STORY file and now all is working perfectly! Thanks for everyone's assistance!
  4. WMSimon

    Short Story Template

    Hi, Marguerite- Okay, I've done the following: Deleted the original file. Done a Repair Permissions from Disk Utilities Re-downloaded the file; I'm not sure why, but when I click on the link, it does indeed download a ZIP file. Unzip and it gives me a folder called SHORT STORY.STORY In that folder are files: contents.rdf , a folder called IMAGES, a file called preferences.rdf, a file called story.rdf, and a file called story.xml. I move then entire folder to Library/Application Data/Storyist/Templates. When I open Storyist, it shows the Short Story template, but when I choose it, I get the message as above. Driving me nuts......
  5. WMSimon

    Short Story Template

    Hi, Thoth, and thanks for replying. The files is ZIPped. UnZIPing it creates a new folder called Short Story.Story. In that are several files. I move that to the Templates folder. When I open Storyist, the Short Story template is there, but when I click on it, or hit "Choose", I get that message. I would try the "Save as Template", but can't get anything in the ZIP file to open in Storyist. I am BRAND NEW to Mac, so I'm betting the error is between Keyboard and Chair...
  6. WMSimon

    Short Story Template

    Okay, I dl'd this template, copied it to the right folder, it shows up in Storyist, but when I click on it or try CHOOSE, I get a window that says "Cannot complete operation, no further information available." Any ideas???
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